Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Five on Tuesday : July is coming...get ready!

Ok, July will be here soon and July means summer, July means hot and July means easy easy food. Light and refreshing food.

1. Quinoa, egg, avocado jar salad...oh yes!
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2. Then there's breakfast. I often just have iced tea til about 9am but when it feels like a sauna outside, then then a peach (or mango) lassi is perfect. I don't add any honey etc but depending on the ripeness of your fruit you might want a bit more sweetness. I use a blender since I can just blend it clean afterwards too. btw, I use plain club soda and then it seems like I'm in an Indian restaurant!

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3. Some days you want meat for dinner but don't want to cook. That's what a crock pot is for. Almost like having your own cook. Try this one!

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4. Then we have a dish that can be breakfast (ok a weekend one or a holiday one) or a dessert.  For the latter, you can even prep it the night before and pop it in the oven as dinner starts. Believe me roasting peaches in any form is delightful.  But try this peach galette. I wish we'd get ripe peaches round here...soonest!

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5, Now you many not want to make this but just watching it is pure food porn. A good pistachio gelato may suffice though.

VERT by Carte Noire : Tiramisu pistache au café sucré from ))) datafone on Vimeo.


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