Friday, June 17, 2016

Five on Friday: June 17, 2016

An interesting week....

1. So you know when you put books on hold at the library? well it does seem to be feast or famine. I'm now in one of those feast times with five new books, another one to pick up and...a bag of used books from one of the local sales. Fortunately, I think five of the sale books were free cookbooks so I may just read these, enjoy them for a bit and then pass them on to the next sale. I did pay $2. for the Martha Stewart Cookbook. I have a few of her original one subject ones and they were quite good. This one eems to be a modern version of the Fannie Farmer kind of book. It was in very good condition and clean so we'll see.

2. Most of this week, I have been kind of linked to the computer waiting for intermittent calls or emails from Apple regarding my backup problems. Since they often want me to do something with my computer, I've been home a lot. In this 'in house' time I did get to a few projects round here including finishing the Paris album for my granddaughter. Now just to wait for the mail and actually SEE it!

3. There was also time to start watching some of the movies I put in my on demand queue. Now that many of the series I've been watching are on a break, it's movie time for me. I started with one that I wasn't sure about, The Railway Man, but it turned out to be not as depressing as I thought it might be.  You can't go wrong with Colin Firth. It also hit me a while after watching this that I had actually visited this railway with my mother while living in Thailand. Somehow I missed what the British has suffered after the fall of Singapore, even though I had lived in England for seven years! The self-centered obliviousnees of being  young.  


4. Happily, there was time to have breakfast with a friend downtown and in addition to our breakfasts we shared a berry PopTart. I could never stand the bought ones but this one was a bit of a nice treat especially for her who had them growing up. This one was freshly made though with sprinkles AND a good dollop of whipped cream. It was a celebration breakfast for my friend as she had 3 big events in her life including getting her B.A.   I know how that feels when you are an adult student working full time and trying to be the perfect student too. 

5. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment to find that the DC store I had hoped to visit this week to donate art supplies was closed, having lost their lease as the rent was too high for a non-profit group. In addition,  my other donation site was also not taking things right now. If the weather gets sunny, I hope I can work with my final location. Otherwise, I'll have to resort to Freecycle and go through the time-consuming matching up with a taker. Sigh.

Well no matter what, I hope you have a great weekend, and if you're celebrating Fathers' Day, give the father in your life some love.  See you Monday!

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