Monday, June 27, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 25

Somehow I 'felt' as if I was a month behind in doing this project. Not quite accurate so it appears I cannot always trust my mind but then I've learned that to be true a lot.  How I think things are don't always reflect reality.  A mind can be a trickster!

However, I was quite happy with the way week 25 came out. I hope you enjoy seeing it too!

I have really enjoyed making some templates with Mommyish's Template Maker action. It gives me the chance to keep to the basic square corners that I prefer but still make rounded corner templates once in a while. I've kept to the ¼" space between the blocks but resized the completed template to be 95% which allows me to have that green border underneath. I've tested using a 90% reduction but I'm not sure I like that enough. Maybe when I have little or no text on the page or for an album with a nice white border I'll use 90%.  A wide border will give you templates that look like Cathy Ziellske's.

One of these days I'm also going to play with the 8.5x11 and the 6x8 sizes which are included. You can get this action HERE at The Lilypad. I was happy to get it during the INSD sale!

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