Thursday, June 30, 2016

TBT: That Texas Wedding - 50 years Ago

This is the rest of the photos from our friends' wedding down in San Angelo Texas. Carl and Janet became the third couple of the group, back from their Air Force assignment in Turkey, to be married. The majority of the men were still single so we marrieds spent a lot of time together...eating dinner, playing cards and just learning what it was like to be married.

From left to right..unknown, Vince McCarron, Kelly Meadows, unknown, Tom Houlihan. Vince and Kelly are still alive but I wonder about the others in this photo. This was the Vietnam era...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Five on Tuesday : July is coming...get ready!

Ok, July will be here soon and July means summer, July means hot and July means easy easy food. Light and refreshing food.

1. Quinoa, egg, avocado jar salad...oh yes!
click for recipe

2. Then there's breakfast. I often just have iced tea til about 9am but when it feels like a sauna outside, then then a peach (or mango) lassi is perfect. I don't add any honey etc but depending on the ripeness of your fruit you might want a bit more sweetness. I use a blender since I can just blend it clean afterwards too. btw, I use plain club soda and then it seems like I'm in an Indian restaurant!

click for recipe

3. Some days you want meat for dinner but don't want to cook. That's what a crock pot is for. Almost like having your own cook. Try this one!

click for recipe 

4. Then we have a dish that can be breakfast (ok a weekend one or a holiday one) or a dessert.  For the latter, you can even prep it the night before and pop it in the oven as dinner starts. Believe me roasting peaches in any form is delightful.  But try this peach galette. I wish we'd get ripe peaches round here...soonest!

click for recipe

5, Now you many not want to make this but just watching it is pure food porn. A good pistachio gelato may suffice though.

VERT by Carte Noire : Tiramisu pistache au café sucré from ))) datafone on Vimeo.


Monday, June 27, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 25

Somehow I 'felt' as if I was a month behind in doing this project. Not quite accurate so it appears I cannot always trust my mind but then I've learned that to be true a lot.  How I think things are don't always reflect reality.  A mind can be a trickster!

However, I was quite happy with the way week 25 came out. I hope you enjoy seeing it too!

I have really enjoyed making some templates with Mommyish's Template Maker action. It gives me the chance to keep to the basic square corners that I prefer but still make rounded corner templates once in a while. I've kept to the ¼" space between the blocks but resized the completed template to be 95% which allows me to have that green border underneath. I've tested using a 90% reduction but I'm not sure I like that enough. Maybe when I have little or no text on the page or for an album with a nice white border I'll use 90%.  A wide border will give you templates that look like Cathy Ziellske's.

One of these days I'm also going to play with the 8.5x11 and the 6x8 sizes which are included. You can get this action HERE at The Lilypad. I was happy to get it during the INSD sale!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial: Quick Brush Adjusts in PSE & CS

This one came from the Digital Scrapper and I hope to use it enough to retrain my brain. If I don't use it, boy do I forget it.btw, there are lots of great tutorials on the DS site.

With brushes, it can be a lot of fiddling and I often just use the .png for ease. But there ares shortcut keys in PSE and CS to enlarge/decrease the size and also to adjust the opacity. The shortcut keys are the same. After the shortcut key you drag left or right for size and for opacity you drag up and down. Is that not easy? Oh yeah!

Click HERE to find the original tutorials and get the exact shortcut keys for your version of either software and operating system. Ans if you want some free goodies including a great brush set, try this week's Creative Market's freebies. But each week's items are only good for that week what you see today will be gone by next week. But there will be a new set so keep checking!

Monday, June 20, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 22, finally

I knew this week would be more than two pages but until I started I wasn't sure just how many pages. Sometimes you want to tell a lot and then other times you realize there really isn't that much new to add even if it was a bit of vacation.

So in the end, four pages was just enough for me this time. That background paper? It was actually  made from  one of the set of freebies I download each week from Creative Market. I don't often use .pat files but this time I did. That was enough showing for me but it wold be a fun design for a journal card. I also used a 'non PL' template for the final page as I wanted to add journaling. The only downside is that there's not a 'plastic' stitching grid layer for the page. Oh well, everything doesn't have to match exactly.  It works for me!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Five on Friday: June 17, 2016

An interesting week....

1. So you know when you put books on hold at the library? well it does seem to be feast or famine. I'm now in one of those feast times with five new books, another one to pick up and...a bag of used books from one of the local sales. Fortunately, I think five of the sale books were free cookbooks so I may just read these, enjoy them for a bit and then pass them on to the next sale. I did pay $2. for the Martha Stewart Cookbook. I have a few of her original one subject ones and they were quite good. This one eems to be a modern version of the Fannie Farmer kind of book. It was in very good condition and clean so we'll see.

2. Most of this week, I have been kind of linked to the computer waiting for intermittent calls or emails from Apple regarding my backup problems. Since they often want me to do something with my computer, I've been home a lot. In this 'in house' time I did get to a few projects round here including finishing the Paris album for my granddaughter. Now just to wait for the mail and actually SEE it!

3. There was also time to start watching some of the movies I put in my on demand queue. Now that many of the series I've been watching are on a break, it's movie time for me. I started with one that I wasn't sure about, The Railway Man, but it turned out to be not as depressing as I thought it might be.  You can't go wrong with Colin Firth. It also hit me a while after watching this that I had actually visited this railway with my mother while living in Thailand. Somehow I missed what the British has suffered after the fall of Singapore, even though I had lived in England for seven years! The self-centered obliviousnees of being  young.  


4. Happily, there was time to have breakfast with a friend downtown and in addition to our breakfasts we shared a berry PopTart. I could never stand the bought ones but this one was a bit of a nice treat especially for her who had them growing up. This one was freshly made though with sprinkles AND a good dollop of whipped cream. It was a celebration breakfast for my friend as she had 3 big events in her life including getting her B.A.   I know how that feels when you are an adult student working full time and trying to be the perfect student too. 

5. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment to find that the DC store I had hoped to visit this week to donate art supplies was closed, having lost their lease as the rent was too high for a non-profit group. In addition,  my other donation site was also not taking things right now. If the weather gets sunny, I hope I can work with my final location. Otherwise, I'll have to resort to Freecycle and go through the time-consuming matching up with a taker. Sigh.

Well no matter what, I hope you have a great weekend, and if you're celebrating Fathers' Day, give the father in your life some love.  See you Monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TBT: 2003 The Kitchen and How It Was

When we were starting with the renovation in 2003 we had a new refrigerator, a temporary island that had the new cooktop and two of our first Ikea white drawer units. There was a pot rack over that island and what a joy it was to finally cook with real heat on five burners!  As much as I like the new kitchen and all my counter space, this was a very workable kitchen and is still one of my favorite floor plans.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: Passau part 2

Finishing up the day in Passau for me, it was a town I liked a lot.

I wonder what it is like now after those terrible floods. Is the river as high as it was in these earlier images or has it flooded again and I just missed the story...

Monday, June 13, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 23

In having a week out west, this week is out of synch as Week 22 may get regular layouts or not. I'm still up in the air about that and when in doubt, don't is my motto.

So on to Week 23  with grandchildren time and then back home.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday: June 8, 2016

1. The author calls this CE - Cookie Excitement.

click to see more

2. Back to walking and fortunately it's a lot cooler in the am. Cool enough to wear a long sleeved shirt. What a blessing.

3. Went out to dinner this week with some friends for Peruvian Chicken. I've had it with fries before but one person got the fresh yucca and boy will that be my choice in the future! As he said, only if it's freshly fried.

4.This girl...Shutterbean...makes some darn good food. Even if they didn't taste so good, so healthy, so California, she seduces you with photos like this. Have some summer recipes.  You'll be glad you tried them!

5. When I said it's been cooler - imagine San Diego weather - it's also led to making sun tea outside, but also drinking hot coffee for mid morning drinks. I'm also finding the coffee just fine with coconut milk. Only 48 calories for a cup of that milk!

Well, that's all she wrote, so go and have a great weekend! See you here Monday. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

TBT: 1967 San Angelo Texas

Our second home in Texas. We moved from an apartment to this house when we knew we were having a baby. The house was just the right size, with a large bedroom to the right of the front door and a living room to the left. There was also a sleeping porch at the back, a large kitchen and a bathroom. In the center of the house there was a small room that seemed to possibly be a small bedroom. We never really knew what if was for. Every room had at least two doors and was connected to two other rooms. We had never seen a house like this and when we got two cats they enjoyed their wandering about.We also had pecan trees in the back yard but our next door neighbor and landlady told us the pecans were hers, not ours. Pecans are hard to shell so I only stole a few.

The house also had what they called 'air coolers' - a huge contraption that circulated cool air from water running through it. After having a baby in late August, I cried and cried until my husband bought an honest to god air conditioner.  We may have only used it for a month or so until we moved back to Maryland, but it saved my sanity. No more tears from Mama.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: Regensburg and Passau-1

One  day I will find out why some of the German cities are 'burgs' and some of them are 'bergs'. I think I got them right on these pages but after so many I've started to doubt my spellings.

Then we were on to Passau.  A nice walk about city that I was up for after a day's rest on board - a small quiet place that was rather captivating.

Monday, June 6, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 21

Week 21 - back in May, though in some ways it still seems like May round here. Still a lot of overcast gray skies, and not much sun. Fortunately, not so much rain either though we've had a big thunderstorm threatened for the past three days. Each day it gets pushed to the next day. Mother Nature being a procrastinator?

But back to week 21...finding the sunshine in life. I must say I really liked the pop of that background color!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Five on Friday: June 3, 2016

Last week we were in Arizona, so I'll share a few tidbits with you.

1.A non-stop flight to Phoenix is less than 5 hours from here. Had we had time, it would have been a 5 hour drive from there to more family in CA.  Just not this time.

2.  Dick got to play with the choo choo trains with two grandchildren. I think a little 3 year old girl fell for her Grandpa! He definitely fell for her! What a beauty.

3. For three of our days we were on a spiritual retreat.  Father Tom suggested a siesta when we weren't in session. I listened to him and had several good naps! I 'could' do that at home but of course I don't. That's what vacations are for!

4. We only managed to have one good meal in that week. A stop at a different branch of Los Dos Molinas than our usual. This dessert was one of those 1doz egg flans! It was solid and creamy and omg good.

5. Finally, on one day I managed to get egg yolk on my white shirt. It washed out fortunately and the AZ sun bleached it just fine. That afternoon, my favorite rough silk slacks gave up the ghost and shredded along the back seat.  The next day,  I managed to get stuck by cactus thorns twice! Once was my own fault but the 2nd was not.

So that's my AZ saga and it's good to be home and safe in MD. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

TBT 1967 San Angelo Wedding

San Angelo Texas. We were married and so were our friends Kelly and Sandy Meadows.  This day was the wedding of our mutual friends Carl and Janet.  I wonder what ever became of them...

While I was looking forward to the wedding, I was newly pregnant and just starting to gain weight. I felt so chubby! Little did I know how I'd love to be 'that chubby' in years to come! I did love that knit suit which was one of my work outfits...probably never worn again.

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