Thursday, May 19, 2016

TBT: Leaving Bangkok 1978

It was a late night flight from Bangkok to Rome, on our way back to the United States.  One of us was not very happy about it and was not even wearing his jasmine lei. I had forgotten that mine and my husband's included the colors of the Thai flag. I wonder if this is still a custom in Thailand.

As with many images taken back in the years of film, it didn't occur to us to take more. It also didn't occur to us to take a photo of our maid Somchit who was taking this photo or possibly it was her husband Payot. They were both so very good to us during our 3 years in Thailand but the photos we have are few. Constantly carrying a 35mm camera was not easy or normal either. What a convenience an iPhone is now!

One other tidbit about this flight was that we stopped in Tehran on our way and I recall saying I hoped I never had to live in this hot dusty country. Little did I know I'd be living there a couple of months later.

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