Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday: May 20, 2016

1.Truthfully, the River Cruise album is on its last pages but this is one I wanted to share now. Why? because my husband reminded me that it was 15 years ago on May 15th that he actually asked me to marry him. We were buying a wedding ring so it was a given but I realized he had never asked. So this photo of us on the cruise in 2012 says, yes, I'd do it again too!

2. Everyone loves free things, right? Well Creative Market sells some very tempting fonts at good prices as well as illustrations that will make you feel as if you ARE an artist when you play with them.  Anyhow, every Monday there are a couple of free goodies so check them out. This week's items are still available!

3. I like food and I like to laugh.  Thank you Shutterbean!  Laugh away...

4. This blog is one I subscribe too and enjoy the many photos and stories that the 'gentle author' tells. In addition to the photos of Vanishing London he shows in the post, this quote was touchingly poignant.  " Yet even this lamentable catalogue of loss exists in blithe innocence of the London Blitz that was to come."

5.And in case you missed it, because I neglected to share it....,  here is last Friday's post. I do want you to see that wretched bamboo!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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