Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday: May 13, 2016

So I'm back after neglecting these Friday posts for a while.I didn't think the weather bothered me but in hindsight I see it has. Maybe I need a sun lamp.

1. Yes, it is Friday the 13th. Not much one can do about that but there isn't a full moon at least with it!

2. How many days has it been raining? well all of May and a good bit of April. One thing that is 'benefiting' from the rain is the bamboo. Ugh. I have been stepping on new shoots every day and then by afternoon there are more. As my husband says, you can just about watch them grow.

3. While he's been away, I have done virtually no cooking but I did get myself some meals from Trader Joe's.  Two Indian paneer dishes and one bowl of mixed stir fry veggies. I had half of those veggies last night with quinoa and peanut sauce. The sauce was an old one that was from Target and it needs a lot of oomph. It was one of those things that I thought might be good but meh.

4. My long ongoing album of our 2012 River Cruise is truly truly in the final stretch. I only have Budapest to do and I think that will be four pages. I did get all, well almost all, the earlier pages printed and in an album. I don't know how I manage to miss uploading some but it happens more than I'd like. I think later this year I'll upload the lot to a couple places and print an 8" book somewhere. In any case having the majority done and ready to look at will be a nice surprise for him.

5. As depressing as the constant grey and drizzle has been, he said that this Monday they had 9 tornadoes in OK incl an F3 and an F4 just 50 miles away. All in all I saw no reason to go with him on this trip and I think I made the right decision!

Have a great weekend people and I'll see you back on Monday.

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