Thursday, April 7, 2016

TBT: My Childhood Home

When I say my childhood, iI mean from age 10 til I was married at 21. It was the first home my parents bought and in the end it was the last home they both lived in. Sadly, those were not happy years for them or me, so I had no regrets upon leaving.

This house was built in the 50s when it was standard to cut all the trees down to build homes and my mother despaired at ever having full grown trees again. Those that existed in our back yard soon succumbed to root damage from the builder's bulldozers. Til the day she sold the house after my father's death, my mother shook her head at the lack of sidewalks. Like me, she was a woman who was happier in a city or real town and not the barren suburbs.

Recently, I have driven by my old home and it's now become a Hispanic neighborhood. I actually saw corn growing along the front walk! I hope the current residents find joy in this structure and make this 1950s house a happy home.

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