Thursday, April 14, 2016

TBT - 1940s Family

This photo comes from an album of images from the 1940s. I think it was one of those albums that someone bought to paste a bunch of photos that were around. Some of the pictures are glued to the page and only a few have the dates. The wooden album was handmade by Salvatore Cassa in an Elizabeth NJ Junior High. I wonder who bought it and when?


The woman on the left is my Aunt Florence. In the center is my maternal grandmother -Nana and on the right is my mother Mary Patricia. Aunt Florence was married to Nana's eldest child, my Uncle Joe, who died in 1945 in India. He was an Air Force Navigator and the plane crashed literally a day after the Peace Treaty in the Pacific was signed.

From other photos in the album, I gather that the car in the background was my Uncle Joe's and that had to be a big deal for everyone!

I love my mother's peepy toe shoes! a fun side of her before she was married and of course before I was born. I am pretty sure that all the clothes the women are wearing would have been made at home. Store bought was not an affordable option and both my mother and grandmother were excellent seamstresses.

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