Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday: April 22, 2016

1. The pollen count has really been  high and everything outside is covered with a layer of chartreuse. Fortunately, I've pretty much gotten over pollen allergies as I've aged. I do need to wash off my eyelids a couple times a day though and I am limiting my time outside til it rains.

2. We all know these people  " a collector of injustices". Get them out of your life! Thy'll wear your soul down.

3. This boy is 77 today! A very Happy Birthday to my husband. As he says, he's still on the right side of the grass.  To many more happy and healthy days!

4. Today is also Earth Day. What have you done to be good to your Mother? I'm glad we are in that fortunate time when we don't need heat OR air-conditioning. It's good to shrink that carbon footprint.

5. I had a good report from my latest bloodwork and my doctor assured me that my fall onto my butt is probably just soft tissue bruising. Having that padding is a good thing!

Well wherever you are, spring or fall, have a great weekend and make sure to thank Mother Earth for the ground we walk upon and the air we breathe. She's the best Mama we could have!

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Karin said...

I like the way your husband thinks - on the right side of the grass. That is perfect. :-)

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