Friday, April 15, 2016

Five on Friday: April 16, 2016

I thought of some things that were unique to my recent trip to NYC. Boy, it was a good trip.

1. I had my first ever 'chocolate phosphate. Interesting, but I think I prefer a fruit puree to my club soda (or yoghurt for a lassi).

2. While I didn't walk the HighLine as I'd planned, I did see and walk along the Hudson River Greenway. Another time, I'll take it all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry.

3. I had no idea that it would really be spring in NYC. Wow! the flowers were everywhere.

4. My first sight of a movie filming. I saw Benedict Cumberbatch right around the corner - literally - from where I was staying.

5. omg the dessert I found! A gluten free chocolate fudge cake. So so good. I'm going to check and see if Whole Foods carries them.

I hope you have a great weekend and time outdoors. I have an on-line digital class this weekend but I'll be sure to get outside in the mornings to feel the spring air! See you Monday!

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