Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday: March 18, 2016

This week felt like spring despite the craziness going around in the world and with various families. I think it's in the collective consciousness so it behooves each of us not to add to that negative energy.

1. My lovely granddaughter has made it to London and yes, has her Liverpool hat on!! That's my girl!

2. I believe I have finally washed all the winter bedding that is washable and aired the down comforters.  However, I know from past experience that as soon as we turn our gas fireplaces off, we are bound to get one day or evening that I wish we had the pilots still lit!

3. Orange season is just about over except for some lingering CaraCara and Halo oranges. I've just about switched to strawberries but this seems to be that time betwixt winter's citrus and summer's Peaches. I do hope we get a good crop this year and wish the farmers' the best.

4.I've been thinking of making this chocolate peanut butter pie for himself for Easter. Can we avoid a ham that way???

Put a bunch of little blue chalet eggs around the outside? which means I better get the supplies tomorrow!

5. While the lad was in Florida this week, I did get a lot of shifting around. Tomorrow also means a trip to the charity shop to clear out a huge load of things. Please no rain on Saturday!!

Have a great weekend and hopefully we really won't get more than a sprinkling of snow on Sunday!

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