Friday, March 11, 2016

Five on Friday: March 11, 2016

It has really felt almost, almost like time to get those a/cs in before we get hit with a hot streak. This is so like March round here. Will we have the requisite cold snap before April?

1. Isn't this drink calling to you? It was to me so I made it as did Shutterbean. I'm ready for my iced coffee routine already but this is a good alternate. Probably not as a cold drink though. That's when lassis and iced tea come into their own. But geeze, it isn't even officially spring yet so I'm still drinking hot drinks!

Shutterbean credits and recipe

2. What's my go to snack right now? theose darling little CaraCara oranges. Not too big and still with great juiciness.

3. I saw a cute scrapbook page and was taken by the stickpin yellow heart. I decided to make my own as I feel I smelled a stink bug in the house again. Yuck.

4.Across the street, a building is back in its renovation. It had been going on for a while, then got a stop-work order and is now back on track.  It seems that almost every day one of these is filled and replaced. I looked the other day and it's down to the studs. You have to wonder what is left to take out?

5.Bicycle boy should be in Florida by the time you read this. Here's to a good week of beach bicycling for him!

That's it for me now. Family coming from CA tonight so housework is the rest of my game plan for today. Have a great weekend!

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