Thursday, February 11, 2016

TBT: Things I Need To Throw Away

I'll have to ask my dh wha year it was that we drove to Park City Utah. Now that is quite a drive from Maryland but I'd never been in some of the states along the way and was working to complete my 'seen every state' check off.  Nebraska was one of those states. It was all I imagined it to be - flat with a LOT of corn. A lot. Corn so high you couldn't see anything along the Interstate but corn. There were also tornado warnings. The idea of a return was not likely to happen.

One good thing was our stop at The Steak House in Lincoln. The name said it all and was right to the point. Sadly, I have no image of the steaks we had but they were big and damn delicious. I do believe it may be time to let this matchbook leave my possession. (I now know this trip was in 2007. It's definitely time.)

In a sad footnote, the restaurant closed in 2014. Story here.

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