Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday: February 27, 2016

Time flies, unless you are in grade school, but each year I try not to be too busy in the winter. I savor those short days which keep me inside more and not pressed to go out and do things. But morning is coming 'earlier' and I do have to get going on room darkening shades, curtains, something. I'll wake up when I want to, not when the sunshine says.

1. I use the 15 minute dryer setting for things that wrinkle up like dishtowels when they fully dry or clothes that are going out on the line when it gets warmer.  I am taking that dryer setting of  15 minutes to clear out bins of paper in my studio. 15 minutes and stop. Then I saw this hint on line. Maybe it can help you. A List of Things to get rid of. Donate or move on down the options to just plain trash it.

2. These are not new things but they are a upscale, sorta, version. I think you'll like them. Click the image for lovely step by step directions over at Shutterbean.

3. My library is still closed (roof damage from winter blizzard). They say 'until April'. I have my doubts about that because as a friend said, what about mold damage after 3 months. They may be doing something but I'm starting to miss having a library I could walk to. Now I really have to watch my due dates as the closest other library is a 10 min drive away. Not terrible but a waste of gas for one book.

4. There's a free March desktop calendar here at 'Every Tuesday'. Check it out!

5. I've finished the last of the Tony Hill & Carol Jordan mysteries - so far! - by Val McDermid and have picked up a flock of hopefuls from the library.  One or two are not going well so far but this one while not a 'can't put it down' read, is really making me happy. It's a pick up and read the very short stories with each photo.

find out more here

That's it for this week folks. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back on Monday!

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