Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday: February 19, 2016

I believe I am done with winter. I know there's more time for snow and bitter cold but I see the increasing light in the morning (which I don't like) and the same at dinner time (which I do like).

1.  I'm continuing to work on my 2012 Cruise layouts. It's going but this is the kind of thing I always want to go faster. However, narrowing down the photos from even 2 prior culls is hard if I want artsy. It's a lot easier to do with templates that include a lot of images. It's all a balance.

2. My studio is way better than it was but I still have bins and boxes of art stuff, various good clutter and down to pure junk. My washer and dryer are right outside the door in our hallway and I often use  the 15min setting on the dryer for dishtowels and pillowcases that I want to dry flat. I put them over the hall raining and it's close to ironing. I've decided that whenever I use that setting, it's time for a decluttering time. It worked well today.

3. In that declutter, I found a tiny scrap of paper, I mean tiny! and started to pitch it with the final grubby bits on the bottom of the container. However I turned it over and found the name of the Sanderson linen pattern I had used for my living room slipcovers back in ..1975! It was the Isfahan pattern for £13 per metre. That was very pricey back then, when the pound had just dropped to $2.80 but it was what I wanted. I bought that fabric and my mother made the slipcovers for me when we got back to the US. Amazing. That fabric type now runs in the £60 per metre!

4. When I first started scrapping, I did a lot of freebies until I found a home at Designer Digitals. I liked that there were some quality designers with varied styles in addition to Katie Pertiet.  I found I liked the clean style of Ali Edwards and later Cathy Zielske and Anna Aspnes though her artsy look was beyond my abilities and understanding at that time. That didn't stop me from buying supplies for the future though!  I found the templates of Lynn Grieveson were perfect for my travel albums. All in all it was a wonderful blend. But time passed, other stores came and went and even harder for me most of the original designers at Designer Digitals went on to full time careers with their own or other stores.

Now I find I have one store gallery for my Project Life pages and one store gallery for my artsy Anna Aspnes pages. More choices isn't always easier. But it's definitely a good time for cleaning out the digital stuff that no longer fits me. Goodbye a bunch of gigabytes.

5. Aaargh. Last night while I was making dinner which included a pan of hot sputtering oil, someone decided he wanted hot tea.  After much to-ing and fro-ing as I was moving food and pans , the tea finally got made.  I thought the distractions were over but then someone dropped & shattered the teapot lid. Not a good start to dinner.

That's it for me today. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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