Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday: February 12, 2016

Brrrrrr. It's fricking cold around here! Making art is a nice thing to do when you have no desire to go outside. So how about a few things about me and mine.

1.  Jamie Oliver had a great sounding recipe that I hope to make next week. This week has been a bunch of beef meals which is not that common for us. But next week, Indian Spiced Chicken& Spuds! This should warm the cockles of your heart and belly, right?

2. There was an article in today's newspaper about things to do if you're alone on Valentine's day. One thing was museums. That has reminded me how much I like wandering a museum on my own. Maybe Metro into DC one day and do that!

3. As much as I like making fairly simple scrapbook pages, I do like the artsy style of Anna Aspnes very very much. I was honored to be featured on her blog HERE  Yay me!

4. Our library is closed til Feb 21 and I'm going to bet it will be a long long time as the roof was damaged during snow removal during the recent blizzard. However, my two holds were automatically transferred to another branch only about 3 miles away. Good work, library staff.  I thought as we were going out in freezing cold, we should get Mexican food. I only managed to eat half of this shrimp burrito and was truly stuffed.

5. I made Valentine Cards for some of the grandchildren and for the man of the house. However, I'll wait til after the 13th to show you! Not that I  think they read this necessarily but ya never know.

That's all for today! Stay warm or cool if you're in the Southern Hemisphere and have some fun this weekend!

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