Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday: January 8, 2016

When you (I) go on a vacation right after Christmas AND are sick most of the time,  it suddenly is almost, well close to, mid January when one gets back. This is when I feel totally overwhelmed with So Much Stuff about. All that Christmas stuff that I want gone.

Thank God that I started to feel on the mend yesterday. Otherwise, I might just have slept on til February.

1. The main reason for the trip out west was to attend a spiritual retreat up in the hills of Los Altos. Clear air and cleared minds & hearts.

2. Being retired has many benefits. One of them is the ability to sleep as long as I need when I need it. Lately it's been 12-14 hours a day.

3. If people are not mothers or doctors, do they know that when snot turns green it's not a Good Thing?

4. We canceled our early December trip to France because he felt it would be too cold and rainy. Well late December and early January in the San Francisco Bay area was cold and rainy. Do you know heating systems are not omnipresent either?

It looked like this a lot.

5 I have three digital projects waiting to be completed. In order of getting them done, I have December Daily (3 days) and 2015 Project Life (1 or 2 weeks). I've decided that DD takes the place of plain old Project life.  Guess what you may see next week? Right now, I've planned nothing for PL 2016 but it may be a monthly thing or just a one pager per week. What about you?

As always, have a good weekend and be good to yourself.

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