Monday, January 25, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 3

Working with the Project Life app, I find it fairly easy to do with my iPad. What I don't find as easy to do is edit my photos prior to the app. I have yet to venture into Lightroom on the iPad and want to be sure I'm not unnecessarily filling Cloud space allotments. I don't want to be in the position to see that Want to buy more Storage? message. That is something I need to research in the upcoming weeks.

But with the actions/templates from Wendy Zine that I tested and that are now on sale at Scrapbook Graphics, I'm pleased with the results. I modified the shadows and added a 15px inside stroke. As I use each template (which matches the PL template used) I save my changes by adding MMR in front of the name. Then they stay in the same folder and I know modifications will stay consistent.

And on to the pages.

That's it for this week. We'll see how next week goes and how my progress with Lightroom on the iPad goes also. Wish me luck!


Esther Andrews said...

Thanks for that, Maureen! So these drop shadows are applied in Photoshop? I was thinking you meant there was some tricky addon to the PL App! What a clever idea of Wendy's.

Esther Andrews said...

Actually, if I set up my Lightroom templates right the actions should work on the jpgs I export from LR, too, shouldn't they?! LR doesn't do drop shadows either!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Esther, if your LR templates match any of the PL templates, then that will work. I don't know how to suggest changing the size of the shadows as they are not in layered psd format. I did change the direction of the shadow and size and then added that extra stroke in PSE. I am going to open my CSCC one day - soon!

Maureen Reynolds said...

btw, these actions/templates have been tested in CSCC too.

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