Friday, December 30, 2016

Five on Friday: Giving It a Go Again

1. Happily out of the hospital, and with a collection of drugs I appear t be making my way back to health.  I can spend my days out of bed and feel ok. I can do a few things without feeling exhausted. I am no longer plagued by the deep cough with it's rainbow of mucus.  So far so good.

One thing I'm not so sure about is the massive dose of prednisone which does give me energy but I am in no way sleepy at night and ended up taking a double sleeping pill last night around 1am. Tomorrow I'll try to take the prednisone around 7am if I'm up.

2. December 30 - we had a brief, very brief snow flutter. Fortunately we were both downstairs and saw it because sometimes these flutters are so short that by the time he calls me or vice versa, it's gone! I do want to go to the store today but I also hope this 2 min flutter is not going to cause a run on food.

3. I have four movies on my PlayOn  app that I had planned to download before the England trip. No did happen. So now I have four movies to watch before the end of the year. Somehow I'm thinking that they are the final free ones and the choice now is to sign up for ...what $39.95 or more? Sure not happening as I also have Amazon Prime and Netflix and that's enough. I also am not sure I want to take the time to really explore PlayOn. If you have please tell me what you found!

4. I have had a terrible time getting photos from my phone to my iMac since returning to the US. I went through the instructions on each device and no luck. I even had a message that SHOULD have been a red flag on my phone saying I had 13 images for upload when connected to WiFi. Connect to WiFi? That's the first thing I did when I got home the night of December 21st!!!  Who knows what happened, how or why, but sure enough I checked - not connected to WiFi!  Now the process seems to be working and I can start of my 2017 folders.

5. Other things I can do revolve around this image... If you know Persnickety, you know what it is. However, this is the biggest order I've ever placed  - 278 12" layouts. I have some work ahead in the new year filing them all away. I suspect I also need another box or two of plastic protectors and I mean the boxes of 60 protectors. But oh when it's done, it's such a treat to look through the year and review our life. Makes the process worth it every time!

And that is it for me for 2016....I will see you back her in the new year hopefully with renewed energy to write more.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

TBT: Joe's First Communion circa 1950

I can't be sure of the date but as my cousin Joe and I were both born in 1944, I'm thinking that our first communions would have been in 1950 or 1951.

This image is cut off on both sides because it came from our Nana's wallet. Nana, the woman in the center, lived with me and my parents a lot of the time so there was no photo of me at this stage. Joe however, lived up in Pennsylvania so she didn't see him as much. On the left is his mother, Aunt Florence and on the right is his Aunt Mary - the Irish McGee sisters. Joe's father had been killed in WWII so he grew up with a lot of women about and funnily enough now has a wife and THREE daughters!

I see Nana is still wearing lace up shoes as a good matron did in those days but my Aunt Florence has a pair of rather fancy ones. The appear to be red and peepy-toe. Snazzy! I will bet that her suit is navy blue, a spring color to go with that boater with the red ribbon! One day I'll get round to getting rid of that yellow cast but today is not that day!

Monday, December 19, 2016

AAM Monday: Time to Do This Again

Put the stuff in, take it out, put it in, take it out....oh the little pains of travel. In winter, it's the bigger suitcase and the heavier shoes. But then there are those beautiful cities dressed up and all sparkly for Christmas. And if it's raining? then there's the bokeh of nature.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 47 and 48

Not a lot to say here, but this was the week of his satellite launch. Some of that email is blocked so others' emails are not made public.

This is about all for the PL pages for 2016. December gets done in a different style, December Daily, Days of December, Document Your December...whatever you want to call the pages made this month. We'll see how that goes!

Monday, December 5, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 45, 46

Week 45 with many of the sights of autumn, a season that starts to feel quiet to me without so much going on. Yes, there's Thanksgiving ahead in this week but we made the decision to go serve a meal rather than have a big meal ourselves. That took a lot of the month's pressure off me. I had more time to continue the process of clearing things out though I did make the decision not to take more to the wonderful woman who takes stuff til January. I'm not looking for a tax deduction, just to clear out my excess and let it benefit someone else.

I really liked the black background/border for the photos on this week's pages. I wouldn't do it often but it's a dramatic look and one that gives the feel of really going into the darker days of the year. It was also my post election feel.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

TBT: Pennsylvania Summer of 1967

These are some of the photos I had not seen for over 30 years. This set surprised me quite a bit as I did not recall coming back to Maryland from Texas before my 1st son was born. Good thing I didn't go into labor here because then he wouldn't be a Texan! I am with my father, my tall father who was 6'4 and I was considered tall at 5'7. Believe me, I never never wanted to be short.

Since the sign up on the right says First Bank of York, one might think it was York but if I recall correctly, we often met up with the Tamaqua crew in Harrisburg. Why these meet ups? My Nana alternated her time with my parents, my Aunt Florence in Tamara, and my Aunt Ruthie in various places over the years - the Philadelphia  area,  Upper Montclair NJ and at this time, probably Towson MD.

From left to right we have Nana, my Aunt Florence's sister Mary McGee and I'll have to leave the man for my cousin Joe to identify. I suspect it might be Florence and Mary's brother Jerry.

My mother finally got in a photo! though my father was the main photographer in the family until I took over that role. I loved that dress though blue was not my best color. btw, most all my maternity clothes were made by my mother and grandmother and true to form, I almost always balked at standing on the kitchen table so they could hem them accurately! My head almost hit the ceiling in the kitchen but still I just hated that part of the process. What a spoiled thing I was! The green dress my mother is wearing was mine and I think it was Liberty of London lawn, fabric we bought  in England back in 1965. Such a fabulous feel to that fabric. 

Isn't it amazing how little details stick in your memory from old photos!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

yes, it's Tuesday so what can I say

I don't know where Monday went or really where much of today went but there it is. The afternoon has arrived and the sun is setting. But I did manage to get another week of Project Life done and in aid of catching up, I'll add two weeks today.

November is a favorite month of mine, no longer hot but once again, the weather has vacillated from brisk to what I call San Diego weather at night. Some days the heat is on and some evenings it's a bit warm when it's bedtime. Maryland is variable!

Week 45 was sunny a lot of the time and yet it was the start of oatmeal for breakfast. Actually that only lasted for a bit and I went back to a hard boiled egg or two. 

The above page has one photo bit blurred out for someone else's privacy, and because it is not a full 3600 dpi image it's not as clear. But you get the point.

But this looks like November, big clouds but almost no rain, warm days so that the lavendar bloomed yet one more time! and new winter clothes were ordered for some travel. Hopefully, that doesn't mean it will be too hot for me next month!

btw, these two last pages have black as the background which I rarely do but I liked it a lot. Not likely to happen in December but fun for the occasional week.  cya later!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: Sonora Texas 1966


Not a great photo but seemingly the only one that survived this day trip from San Angelo. When we had free time we wandered as far as we could go and get back the same day. The size of Texas was a revalation to us, used to the smaller East Coast states. Hoping to have a baby before we left Texas, we also knew that our days of total freedom were coming to an end. Did we actually go into the caverns? I suspect so but as we had both been to the ones in Luray VA, I can't be sure that we did.

I do remember that I looked at these covered wagons and doubted that I would have been the one to agree to Go West back in the pioneer days. But that is looking at these choices with 21st century eyes.

Monday, November 21, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 44

Halloween week when he went down south for a couple weeks in anticipation of the satellite launch. Before that trip he had a guys dinner which went well. Food and fellowship is always a good idea.

Early voting for me while he had an absentee ballot thinking he'd be in Florida this/that week. I voted for Hillary and by then was done with all the anger and hate associated with this election. Fortunately,  I had a USNA 'concert' actually a Halloween show in the Navy chapel. It was like nothing else I had seen and gave us some laughs as everything built up to the election.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

TBT: The Netherlands 1972

When my 2nd child was due, my Nana came to England to stay with us. She arrived before Christmas 1971 and baby Iain was born the January 27, 1972.  After a month or so, Nana was ready to go back to the US but my mother persuaded her to stay until May. Her help was important to me because these were the months of the miners' strike in England when we only had power for a couple of 3 hour shifts each day. Fortunately, we had a gas cooker and we often stayed in the kitchen during the periods without power. My mother wanted to be sure Nana's return was smooth with the a flight change we weren't sure she could handle on her own.  However, my mother also wanted to go to Holland for the Tulip Festival at Keukenhof.  So Nana stayed and my mother and I went to see the flowers.

Here I am at the beach, probably Zandvoort on the North Sea. Do note that my hair, sweater and shoes are coordinated! I loved that dress, made for me by my British dressmaker, and it zipped up the front. It was so easy to nurse the little boy who was back in England with his great-grandmother! She did get to go back home later that May and sadly died in December of 1972.  There were a lot of family changes for us in the early 70s.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Travel With Me Tuesday: Looking Forward to This

This map, found and now sold by Paula Kesselring at The Lily Pad as part of the Life is An Adventure collaboration, is one that shows where we're going on an upcoming trip. Not a current map but the kind of map I love.

Interestingly enough, in doing genealogy, I came across a WWII postcard from a man to his former job in Washington DC. After going down many rabbit holes, I found that the writer had been stationed at Chipping Ongar. I could never find anything about that location and then low and behold, there it was on this map. (top right corner)  Serendipity!

Monday, November 14, 2016

AAM Monday : Project Life Week 43

Week 43 started with something we had waited for fall to do. Go over to the Rock Hall area and scout out a place for the March wedding rehearsal meal.  There were quite a few things that were unclear when we talked to the owners of the wedding site. We ate in a little cafe after visiting a couple of restaurants. More things to think about in the coming months.

Monday, November 7, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 42

Week 42 was the start of that time of year when the temperature is all over the board. It's chilly enough inside to wear socks and long sleeves but then when you finally go outside people are in shorts and t-shirts. The seasons are in a bit of a flux here. But in my mind, it's pumpkin time!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

TBT: Air Drum in the 70s

Drum boy knew he was good when he  got this set of drums. Yes, there is 'air drum' just like air guitar. It was a good start for him on a lifelong musical adventure. Keep playing Iain!

Monday, October 31, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 41

A week of me at home and him down in Florida. Hurricane Matthew changed a lot of his plans and it was the first time being evacuated. Up here, just a quiet time.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

TBT: Malawi in the 70s

Shortly after my 1979 arrival in Malawi, the country was visited by HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew. Malawi had been a British colony known as Nyasaland and was then ruled by a 'benevolent' dictator, President Kamuzu Banda. The official woman below is wearing the standard political party outfit with photos of the President all over the cloth. It was said that he was spouse to all the women of Malawi. Take that as you will...

Below, the Queen is in the center in a white hat.

In Lilongwe, the capital, my children went to a British style school which was divided into Houses. My eldest was the Captain of the Red house which won the sports day events one year and thus had the cup for the year. My daughter was more thrilled to have a rare soda all to herself.

Our later years saw that eldest son going to boarding school down in Blantyre Malawi. On our way we stopped at the Embassy cottage up on  the Zomba plateau. It got quite chilly at night and there was a wall sized fireplace stocked with wood and maintained by the servants.

Here you see my daughter in a dress covering her knees.  Females over 6 had to have their knees covered and trousers/slacks were forbidden.  By contrast, the boys in boarding school wore shorts and  knee socks, a real throwback to the outfits worn by the colonials.

When we had visitors, we often took them out to see the huge ant hills that were out in the open lands. Climbing to the top was a bit dicey because the red ants were not happy when disturbed and had stinging bites.

Later in our time in Malawi, I went with a few other Embassy women to visit a game park in Zambia.  While we as a family had gone to a smaller park in Malawi, there was more chance of seeing the big game in Zambia. The timing of the trip was to allow the woman 2nd from left to see the animals before she went back to the US to have her baby. Always a map lover, I carried the map to track our route even though our driver knew his way very well.

We did see all the animals that were what we called the Big 5 though I don't recall that the leopard was part of that group then,  We considered it the lion, the water buffalo, the elephant, the giraffe and the rhinoceros. This was more of a 'seeing' 5 rather than a 'hunting' 5.

Interesting that I was so blasé about seeing them that I didn't take any other photos. Giraffes we so prevalent in the parks that I took them for granted. Silly me...

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