Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday: December 4, 2015

It's been a really hectic week and I'm bone tired. Stuff going on in my life in addition to the world being fucked up. Pray AND take action but right now I can't think of what action I could/should take. Advice accepted.

1. All the fall decorations are off the walls and packed away. I would have preferred to have this done sooner but that's how it went this year.

2. All the Christmas things have been brought down from their various hiding places in our closet-challenged house. All the old decorations are out including the ceramic tree my mother in law made years ago. No the Christmas ree is not decorated, no no no. I truly hate...ok, let's eliminate hate but so strongly dislike this new tree so much that I don't even like the lights on.

The old tree was dead with only two strands of lights working so he gladly and hastily went off to the Depot after seeing a tree we both liked enough on line.  He comes home and as he's assembling it says...I asked for white lights. Uh the box says colored. Right then and there I should have said...This is a return. No, I thought Oh well, it will be ok but the frickin' lights are sleazy pastel colors not the traditional colors.  This tree will be history by the end of the month. It makes me feel queasy.

3.  A friend is in the hospital for a 2nd surgery in 3 weeks, getting a brain aneurysm clipped. That makes my tree angst fade away, well until I see the tree again.

4. I moved more and more furniture upstairs today and finally have the printer level with the desktop. I probably still have a week's worth of clearing out and throwing away and/or taking things to the charity shops. I don't have any desire to be a church goer again but I really bless the Lutherans for operating a great charity shop. Stuff comes in and out it goes.

5.I finally got most of my lavender trimmed back. The trouble was, other than the days of rain deluges, that the stuff kept blooming! No, more. This was the third blossoming of the year. Nice but not seasonal.

That's Friday. Hope your weekend is calm and peaceful. That's a lot to ask these days but I'm asking.

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Photocat said...

yes, a sad period... Peace on earth is not even in sight. I hope your friend gets better soon.

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