Monday, December 14, 2015

December Daily 2015: Slowing Making Progress

Somehow this year, the Christmas season has not really taken me where I'd like to be. I know there was a week or two with just too much going on but I'm also so not in love with our tree. As he said, it goes to charity but as I said, we can wait til January and not try a switcheroo this late in the year. In 2016, I will do a serious tree search for what I want and make it happen.

I now have both my album and finally all my page protectors in the 6x8 size. I have a nice digi folder of things I want to use this year which is a good foundation. What I have found though is that there are not a lot of holiday related photos. I either just don't feel like getting my phone from wherever I left it or I don't think of the photo til it's too late.

But I do have these done...printing will have to come when I'm all done and I will then await my lovely package from Persnickety Prints.

Day 1 did have a really wild Christmas display near the charity shop to which I carted stuff. That really brightened my day.

Day 2 has an image with blurring because my story is a lot of complaining. It sounds so much better when I say I was whinging...well, I think it at least sounds sorta funny.

Just moving right along with Day 3! I decided I wanted to use some of my split page protectors as I had so many of them. I had new ink in my printer but lost my old settings when I updated the driver etc. I finally found out how to scan again AND print but it took time. So the left side is a full page but the right side is 3 sections I printed so I could use just my huge stash of 4x6 photo paper.

Love this new case from Target's $5. bin and I have one of my festive shirts on too.  The rest of this day is already printed and IN the album!  One page totally final. Progress I guess.

Day 4 done also just sitting in the printing queue.

Back later as I move along with this project. I do like it but I think I'm just not enjoying Christmas so much this year. The world is troubled and so many people are too. All this anger and hostility about is depressing. But - where there's life there's hope and I look for the good each day. Some days are just harder than others.

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