Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: On to Las Cruces

An easy start to the day and then retracing my steps somewhat as I headed south.  It was more of a keep driving trip but I had hoped to find the one place we had visited in Socorro. It was like an old general store, lost in time, but no such luck.  I also had to pass on the VLA which is a trip in itself.

There is really not much of anything in Socorro except the university which seemed to be fairly deserted except for a few motley looking students. The town doesn't lend itself to J. Crew to put it mildly.

These two signs caught my eye and then it was time to get out of Dodge....er Socorro. I had already gone round the University twice to find the Plaza with no luck. 

When I am by myself I can stop at any and all the roadside stands I want! I was glad to not be one of the 'dead' on this drive but even gladder when I rolled into Las Cruces and met up with my on-line friend Catherine and her husband Aaron. The next day Catherine and I would head off to Mexico, well just across the border to The Pink Store,  so evening was spent getting to know each other 'on the flesh' so to speak! I've never been disappointed in a face to face meetup with an on-line friend and this was no exception.

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