Friday, November 13, 2015

One on Friday: November 13, 2015

Lately it seems that each thing I want or need to do has something that I need to do first. The primary one that comes to mind was printing new wall cards for the kitchen. I change them up every month including a calendar for the month.  I realized I needed ink and this was actually the first time the ink on my fairly new printer needed replacing. I had my printer information and ink info and when I was at Costco, I planned to buy the ink. Uh oh...they don't carry that specific ink.

So last Sunday I went to Best Buy as their on line store said they had six packets in my local store. Alas, the first clerk was of the 'I don't know.' variety. When I said I wasn't connecting to the store wifi to show him my specific ink, he said...Well, I don't know. I don't use it.   We parted company then.

I kept looking but knowing the packet was not on the shelves til another clerk came to help me. He was tremendously helpful but it took about 20 minutes to a. verify my ink need b. check all the shelves c. check the store website to verify there were 6 packets available d. go back into the storeroom and look for the wayward packets e. get a manager to go look and FIND the packets f. get a supervisor to overwrite the sales point to allow the sale price shown on line. Phew!

Now I just have to install the ink - yes, I've had it almost a week - but it's been that kind of week all around. No task I needed to do was immediately doable. There was always some prior step or more to get to Go.  Now I just have to read the instructions on installing the ink. Actually, I'm hoping I put the instructions in the proper place but the way this week has been I can't count on it.

Happy Weekend to you and may most of your plans fall into place relatively easily!

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