Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Taos Farewell

Saying goodbye to my adobe in Taos, I finally took a photo of the omnipresent sunflowers, small ones but colorful. Behind them is the house on the adjacent property. Modern and well taken care of in contrast to my adobe stay which was a glimpse into the earlier days and a different way of life.

As I was going to a conference on Pope Francis and Saint Francis I decided to stop and visit this church, just at the end of my road into Ranchos de Taos.

I was the only one around on this early Saturday morning, but saw the cleaning woman arrive and she opened the church doors for me to have a look. The rest of the plaza was very quiet and empty. A nice feeling.

I never was sure of what these structures were but suspected they were there to contain water coming down from the roof.

Closer to town I spotted the Post Office where I had a postcard to mail to my young granddaughter. The woman on the left had the kind of outfit you don't see round Annapolis!

Again, another thing we don't have anymore in Maryland - outdoor pay phones. You see all sorts of things when you travel.

I had planned to eat at Leonel's Tamales for dinner but since I stayed in my adobe earlier in the week, I was thrilled they were open for breakfast.  I got my two tamales Christmas style, one green one red. I ate all my eggs and half the tamales and then got back to my car and the road south.

I love reading road signs and when I'm driving I stop at every one I can. Especially these which tell the stories of the land I was crossing.

I stopped and looked at the jerky for sale as well as the other dried items. The young blond made me laugh when she said "I never expected to see YOU get out of that orange Mustang!" No and I hadn't planned to be driving one either but it was often a fun source of conversation with people.While I didn't buy anything, I wished her well and silently hoped she'd get a handsome young man stopping later in the day to make up for the disappointment she must have felt when she saw Nana!

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