Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Chimayo But No Green Chile Powder

After leaving Taos and getting going on the road to Santa Fe, well Bernalillo actually, the land became hilly and not highly inhabited. Gorgeous though. I planned my stop along the way in Chimayo where I hoped to get some green chile powder. Dick and I had been there about 10-15 years ago so I had seen the actual shrine and it was fall on that trip so we had no crowds. This day was turning out to be pretty warm though so it was great to be inside an air conditioned car.

When driving on my own I got to stop for anything including scenery and even grasses.

Yes, once again there was the Rio Grande. It's always a surprise to me how often you see the river and at one point it might be a stream and at another point it's wide enough and deep enough for white water rafting as it is in the photo above.

Then as I entered the Chimayo area there were these warning signs. No flooding today but it must be an issue at times here.

I ended up having to park at a more distant lot in Chimayo and saw areas we had not seen before and sights that were new to me but spoke of the desire for healing and more.

An area to sit and rest or have lunch and I'm sure there were services or gathering in this area. I didn't see anyone to ask so I just had to guess.

Finally getting to the Santuario where Dick and I had actually entered, I was tired and thirsty and wanted a bathroom besides! I found a toilet, sat and rested a bit but was not ready for $2.50 water.  Sometimes I can be very cheap.

I did visit the Sanctuary and went all the way in but found that my old knee and my new knee did not allow me to get my hand to the base of the hole where the 'holy dirt' was so I had to leave that experience alone. I still have a little jar of the dirt from my prior trip so I suspect I'm ok!

Back to the car along the river path and no 2015 green chile powder was available. I did buy one bag of the 2014 crop which went to my friends. I knew I'd be in Hatch so not all was lost and a bit was better than none.

By sunset I was at my motel with the Sandias out my window. My orange Mustang was out there too and so all I needed was the rest of my tamale meal for dinner, a dip in the indoor pool and my bed! A very good day indeed.

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