Friday, October 2, 2015

5 on Friday: October 2, 2015

1. Dismal start to October with chilly rain from the advance of Hurricane Joaquin. Right now it isn't supposed to hit us but I'll wait to see what happens this weekend. Chilly rain is fall weather so I shouldn't be surprised.

2. I had a knitting lesson last night! We Ladies had a posole dinner and then some knitting lessons. One woman did the casting on for me but then I plodded my way through a row and a half. Slowly. Very slowly. The table looked better than my knitting but that photo seems to have disappeared faster than the posole & cornbread did!

3. I'm finally into season four of Homeland before season five starts on Sunday. I did manage to watch 3 full seasons this week! When I picked up today's newspaper there was a headline on the Style section about this season's opener. I had to cover it up quickly but the spoiler did get into my brain. BooHiss.

4. I saw this on FB shared by Lynn Grieveson and found it fascinating, especially as I am half Lithuanian. Colorful Doors in Lithuania.

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5. One book that I looked forward to in my reading of the Comissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon was a big disappointment.  Donna always has more comments on the state of government and morals in her beloved Venice but that is balanced by the main story and even more so by the wonderful descriptions of his family life and his meals. They make me want to get into the kitchen and cook! I don't recommend "By Its Cover" especially if this were to be your first in the 22+ book series. The earlier ones are much much better.

See you on Monday!

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