Monday, October 26, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 42

Doing things while on vacation tends to take me a lot longer than when working on my beloved iMac. I really should take it with me!!!!  as if...

The main stories of this week were the trip to the Romanian festival and subsequent stop at Ikea for new beds.  This was followed by the plan with a friend to exchange our queen sized frame for their double bed mattress. After a lot of moving things about in our house, the plan fell through. That's what it is about plans - they don't always work out.

I have a lot of decluttering and still moving furniture to do when I get home. At least the hot weather is over, isn't it???

Friday, October 23, 2015

Yes, You Can Have THAT Dress

Remember the dress that the 'grieving widow' Maria Ostrova wore on Madame Secretary?

Well, she might be ruthless but she likes American fashion.  You too can have the look-alike power dress from J. Crew. However the store thinks it looks more like wedding fashion but... wedding...funeral...maybe they're the same in Mother Russia.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Days in Bernalillo

Once I arrived in Bernalillo, I attended a spiritual conference held up on the Santa Ana Pueblo land. The funny part was that it was actually in a Hyatt hotel which was quite posh but still felt respectful to the land it was on. I met a lot of people I really liked and fortunately found the conference not too 'church oriented' but with a strong message of what it meant to be connected to God and doing God's work whoever you found your god to be. Be inclusive just as God is inclusive. Don't make your faith a list of should not's and cannot's.

Sunday we - my new friends and I- mostly sat at one of the back tables amidst the rest of the thousand people. We could still see the various presenters as well as both of the large screens.

At lunch time, the Sandias were gorgeous...well they were gorgeous all the time and I could imagine looking at the ever changing light and cloud patterns over a lifetime up on the pueblo. I went out to get a green chile fix but decided on another Christmas style meal. Green chile is wonderful but sometimes it's nice to have the red also.  Delicious!

That evening, there was a film at 20:00 and the friend who chose the same table at the back said she would be going outside to take photos of the rising full moon. I said I'd join her as I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay for the whole film. It was about ecological crises of the earth and it was preaching to the choir for me. I also didn't want to go to bed on 90 minutes of those images.

We saw the moon rise through the mountains and I'm sure my friend's images were gorgeous. She had a big girl camera & lenses and I had my iPhone. But what I saw as the moon rose was good enough for me. This was Mother Nature at her spectacular best and driving home in that moonlight was amazing.

Monday was more of the conference starting with a meditation session. That was very good and got the hundreds of people settled into a centered mode.

That evening we had our only meal included with the conference.  It was very nice and there were many vegetarian options. However,  I've been spoiled by the food my son cooks at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach CA. The Hyatt didn't quite meet that standard but a buffet for a thousand is not the easiest to do with the space available.

Tuesday was both the farewell and a free day for me back in Bernalillo. My one friend from Dublin was going on to Los Angeles (she is a screenwriter) and we ended up having lunch with a couple from Kansas. We learned a lot about them over lunch and as with most people, you see the things you have in common when you take the time to listen. We really are all the same.

I'll leave you with the many views I was blessed to see on this trip while at this conference from the little clumps of flowers blooming in the desert climate to the fabulous clouds and mountain views.

On my last drive down into town from the Hyatt Tamaya, I stopped to take a photo of the chopper I passed at least twice a day. I hope I didn't worry the police inside the building but they stayed in and I left as soon as I took the picture. Phew! My next day would be my birthday and a drive south to Las Cruces.

Monday, October 19, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 41

Somehow this fall I'm having a hard time keeping track of the weeks. We are moving furniture about and right now feels like that ground is shifting. I hope that's a good thing and if it turns out to feel not so good, I know from experience that changes we don't expect often turn out to be good for us.

Week 41 was pretty quiet despite my feelings and I know from past experience this is a typical seasonal change kinda thing. Just keep moving on...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Funny October 16, 2015

Not sure where I found this but most cats I know would be highly upset to be dressed like this. Dressed at all.

In any case, it's my new screensaver for the week.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

TBT: 1962 Before the Interstates or Beltways

I collect maps and especially like looking at old ones which show the differences in local places. In clearing out old paperwork, I came across this one.

J. Millard Tawes was the Governor and Maryland was commemorating the Centennial of the Civil War. When this map was published, there were those who remembered that war and it was less than 20 years since WWII had ended. Vietnam was a word many of us didn't even know and unless you were Jewish, Israel and the Middle East were unknown areas except for Bible history.

The Governor's message on the back of the map recorded  that 'our state is in the midst of an accelerated program of primary road construction...'.  How our landscape would be changed could not  have been fathomed by those words. From sleepy two lane highways, the Interstates and Beltways would put cars at the center of our lives. The leisurely Sunday drive would soon be a thing of the past. We had no idea what was to come.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Chimayo But No Green Chile Powder

After leaving Taos and getting going on the road to Santa Fe, well Bernalillo actually, the land became hilly and not highly inhabited. Gorgeous though. I planned my stop along the way in Chimayo where I hoped to get some green chile powder. Dick and I had been there about 10-15 years ago so I had seen the actual shrine and it was fall on that trip so we had no crowds. This day was turning out to be pretty warm though so it was great to be inside an air conditioned car.

When driving on my own I got to stop for anything including scenery and even grasses.

Yes, once again there was the Rio Grande. It's always a surprise to me how often you see the river and at one point it might be a stream and at another point it's wide enough and deep enough for white water rafting as it is in the photo above.

Then as I entered the Chimayo area there were these warning signs. No flooding today but it must be an issue at times here.

I ended up having to park at a more distant lot in Chimayo and saw areas we had not seen before and sights that were new to me but spoke of the desire for healing and more.

An area to sit and rest or have lunch and I'm sure there were services or gathering in this area. I didn't see anyone to ask so I just had to guess.

Finally getting to the Santuario where Dick and I had actually entered, I was tired and thirsty and wanted a bathroom besides! I found a toilet, sat and rested a bit but was not ready for $2.50 water.  Sometimes I can be very cheap.

I did visit the Sanctuary and went all the way in but found that my old knee and my new knee did not allow me to get my hand to the base of the hole where the 'holy dirt' was so I had to leave that experience alone. I still have a little jar of the dirt from my prior trip so I suspect I'm ok!

Back to the car along the river path and no 2015 green chile powder was available. I did buy one bag of the 2014 crop which went to my friends. I knew I'd be in Hatch so not all was lost and a bit was better than none.

By sunset I was at my motel with the Sandias out my window. My orange Mustang was out there too and so all I needed was the rest of my tamale meal for dinner, a dip in the indoor pool and my bed! A very good day indeed.

Monday, October 12, 2015

AMM Monday: Project Life Weeks 39 & 40

Yay, yay, yay to being caught up.

Now to mush on for the next 12 weeks. Hard to believe that's all that's left of the year.

Friday, October 9, 2015

5 on Friday: October 9, 2015

1. There's a gorgeous free October calendar download. Click the image to get to the website for your own download.

Thank you Oana Befort!!! it comes in desktop and phone sizes.

2. Still finalizing the withdrawals I need to make from my IRAs. The one drawback to getting past 70.

3. I got cut up with Project Life this week! Yay! now it's time to finish up the SW trip images. I'm not sure if these are going to be layouts or just printed for pocket pages in the 2015 album. Maybe a few insert cards for journaling.

4. This Lightroom Tutorial on Keyboarding, Rating and People seemed to be especially useful in particular if you have not used this feature of LR.

5. While himself was away for a week, I was seriously glad to have that free time. Mainly because I had time to watch 48, 48!, episodes of Homeland.

That was all of the first four seasons which I needed to watch before season\on 5 started. It was all I did for most of that week and glad I don't plan to do it again for a while.

Have a great weekend, enjoy some pumpkin spice flavored something while that flavor is still somewhat seasonally fresh!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

TBT: My Daughter & Her 2nd Daughter

Taken up in Delaware where Lotus was born. We visited a nearby park when I went and visited them.  Lotus truly seemed like an old soul baby.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Taos Farewell

Saying goodbye to my adobe in Taos, I finally took a photo of the omnipresent sunflowers, small ones but colorful. Behind them is the house on the adjacent property. Modern and well taken care of in contrast to my adobe stay which was a glimpse into the earlier days and a different way of life.

As I was going to a conference on Pope Francis and Saint Francis I decided to stop and visit this church, just at the end of my road into Ranchos de Taos.

I was the only one around on this early Saturday morning, but saw the cleaning woman arrive and she opened the church doors for me to have a look. The rest of the plaza was very quiet and empty. A nice feeling.

I never was sure of what these structures were but suspected they were there to contain water coming down from the roof.

Closer to town I spotted the Post Office where I had a postcard to mail to my young granddaughter. The woman on the left had the kind of outfit you don't see round Annapolis!

Again, another thing we don't have anymore in Maryland - outdoor pay phones. You see all sorts of things when you travel.

I had planned to eat at Leonel's Tamales for dinner but since I stayed in my adobe earlier in the week, I was thrilled they were open for breakfast.  I got my two tamales Christmas style, one green one red. I ate all my eggs and half the tamales and then got back to my car and the road south.

I love reading road signs and when I'm driving I stop at every one I can. Especially these which tell the stories of the land I was crossing.

I stopped and looked at the jerky for sale as well as the other dried items. The young blond made me laugh when she said "I never expected to see YOU get out of that orange Mustang!" No and I hadn't planned to be driving one either but it was often a fun source of conversation with people.While I didn't buy anything, I wished her well and silently hoped she'd get a handsome young man stopping later in the day to make up for the disappointment she must have felt when she saw Nana!

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