Monday, September 7, 2015

Week In the Life Day 1

Bit by bit I've worked on this while on vacation. My method was to transcribe all my daily journaling to the computer - eventually! Then I sorted out all my Week 34 images by day. Had I known that this would be the week I was going to do WITL, I would have done the sort that way from the git go. However...

Then I modified a couple of 6x12 digital templates to 6x8 because I finally had found 6x8 page protectors in Santa Fe NM.  So here is day 1, Sunday August 16,  though not in the template form because I realized I did not have my actions installed on my laptop! That top photo will be in sepia.

SUNDAY August 16, 2015

A quiet day. Some tidying reading and going over our bizarre credit card charges. Ugh. Ravioli, porkchops and spinach for dinner. Tried to finish up the Italian Best of Youth movie but problem with streaming. 383 minutes! No way I can watch from the beginning. Finished  calendar for SW trip.

One day done, 6 more to go.

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Photocat said...

Looks like wonderful food. I love spinach...

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