Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: The Southwest Journey Begins

My first day of the trip involved a lot of the logistics. Leave Maryland, arrive in Albuquerque New Mexico, get my luggage, get to the car rental, have lunch and then take the slow road up to Santa Fe for the night. The slow road means get off I-25 and use the Turquoise Trail.  I'd been on this before so it was just a bit of a break for me to see the small towns and gorgeous scenery that is New Mexico. Big sky, clouds that mean something and open, open land.

There's a lot of America that is made up of small plots, farmland that probably isn't big agriculture. I hope at least the people make a living from these plots.

Albuquerque with the Sandia range in the background. Then there are these spectacular clouds.

I always love seeing this stand whether coming or going. On arriving I just took a shot to let Dick know I had arrived.

 I was surprised at the long but orderly line waiting for the shuttle to the car rental center.

Legal pot in Colorado means a lot of drug searches in Albuquerque. The dog in the center had found a bag in one of the trash cans and was getting his reward now.

May not look like a lot on the outside but it was in the heart of the University area and that tends to mean low prices, basic food and in New Mexico that usually means green chiles. That's all I needed to know. Two enchiladas topped with green, SW slaw, potatoes and beans. I was a happy traveler.

Ready to head north after the perfect lunch, I had done my online search for used book stores. This one was on the way and I believe I (we) have been here before. I found a couple of crime books by authors I've recently read.  Sadly, I just paid for those and didn't wader the other shelves. Next door is a used cd/vinyl shop that in hindsight I wished I'd gone into. The vast open land didn't lend to much music on the radio.

Now with food in my tummy and a couple of good crime/mystery books, I was ready to say adios to the owner of Bird Song and get going.  I was driving an orange Mustang which got a lot of attention usually followed by regret that I was somebody's Nana and not a hot chick looking for...

I did have a flock of gradeschoolers waving to me and pretending to drive, looking down and in sign language implying they could drive my car too! Children remind us to have fun.

Yes, I'm on my way to Santa Fe and will not be stopping in Madrid on this trip. I was tired of sitting and I was looking forward to an early night in.

The scenery...on the scenery. I pulled over whenever I felt like it which is the joy of a trip alone.

Eventually, I arrived at the Courtyard in Santa Fe. Sadly, my favorite mariscos restaurant was closed so I just gratefully looked at that wonderful bed.  Tomorrow would be another drive...up and over to Colorado.

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Photocat said...

All very recognizable. I love traveling alone also on some moments. To be able to do and stop where I want... The joys of total freedom. Looking forward to reading more!

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