Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: A Day in Taos

After the crowds as I drove into Taos, I decided I really didn't want to do much of anything on this day and definitely not 'go shopping in Taos. Even window shopping.  I wasn't very hungry so I just sat outside a lot while the neighbor was on his computer in the kitchen. He was becoming quite an unwelcome presence  However, for one day I could cope.

There were no signs of raccoons and a shut door did not keep 'computer guy' out.  

I did have some computer time at the kitchen table too but finally decided it was better to be in another room and not hear his swearing.

With such a nice day I took myself outside in the afternoon, to sit and read and then listen to my landlady's radio broadcast on astrology. Only in Taos!

Above, you see the outer door of the adobe which had no lock and led into a little vestibule, courtyard area. Below, I lazed out and enjoyed the quiet and the dappled light.

After I sent 'computer guy' home, a finally met my landlady after he radio broadcast. I asked her to tell me what some of her drying herbs were. Others I knew, as I had once worked in a herb shop and had also taken a course through the Smithsonian on healing herbs.

Then in the early evening, I decided to finally take a walk in the fields behind the adobe, and while the landlady had said I could just lay down in them, I am not that much of a nature lover.

Yes, the river is the Rio Grande, one of the many many wanderings it does in New Mexico on it's way south to become truly the rio GRANDE.

These flowers looked familiar to me, mostly because they seemed to be ones that give off a lot of pollen. However, I've not had hay fever for many a year and planned to keep it that way.

Looking along the property edge, I could see the distant distant mountains. I don't know their name but what wonderful views to see all the time. But really Taos is not the place for me. It must have been something back in it's earlier, quieter days, days when drugs did seem to be the answer.

I wondered what this was, took the photo but forgot to ask. It remains something to wonder about.

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