Thursday, September 24, 2015

Travel with Me Thursday: Pueblo to Taos

My reason for going north to Pueblo, CO was on the recommendation of a friend. She had seen a chiropractor who also did muscle testing and really really liked him. After being really sick of the way my Annapolis chiropractor jerked my neck, I was ready to try someone else especially for the muscle testing. I knew about this from earlier energy work but had never experienced it.

Waking to sun again was a nice experience and even though it got overcast pretty early it was cool and very pleasant.

I didn't take any photos of my time with the doctor but it was a wonderful experience and he even asked how I felt about neck manipulation. When I said I hated having my neck jerked, he was very gentle but effective.  I wish he were closer! When finished, I did know to drink lots of water to continue getting the toxins out but I had to stop at the original  Taffy's candy and ice cream store.  They really did have it all including candies I recall from years ago as well as candied apples, popcorn of all flavors, you name it. I got a rocky road cone and managed to get a good drip on my tan slacks. That may be a sign of good food!

Then it was time to pack up my room after a short nap and head back south to New Mexico.  I was on my way to Taos where I had my first experience with Air BNB.

But there's always lunch to be eaten and this time I stopped in Walsenburg, CO at a Carl's JR for a bacon cheeseburger. Damn good I must say but no green chile which almost put me in withdrawal. Then it was back on the road and off I-25 eventually to veer west to Taos. I finally saw some animals and took this photo of goats for my friend Catherine. Not sheep but as close as I could get.

I finally got to Taos and eventually found the site of my little adobe. It was a bit of confusion at first with the tenant of the other house on the property sitting in the kitchen to connect to the internet. He was working there while waiting for the net to be installed in his home. I tried to stay in the flow and understood his predicament but he got to be a royal pain. The house was pretty special and I doubt that I'll have a chance to be in another adobe in this lifetime so I was glad to have the experience.

I did not sleep up in this kitchen bed but had I been younger I might have tested it out. At this point my knees said NO and I retired to the main bedroom for another good night's sleep.

With a candle in the kiva and a light down comforter,  I was off in dreamland And in Taos.

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