Thursday, September 10, 2015

TBT: 1966 Dancing an Irish Jig

From my first marriage in April 1966...

I always loved this photo of my Aunt Florence (on left) and my mother (center) dancing an Irish jig with a flock of the cousins. Some are Flaherty relatives of my former husband and some are Carroll relatives of mine.  I remember we went from the polka music to Irish jig music. I also recall that my new husband didn't dance to either! I wonder why I've married two men who can't dance! Funny how that goes.

Interesting to look at my mother and aunt and realize they were only 50 years old at that time. Sadly both women would be dead of either cancer or Alzheimers in a decade. It's really such a shame to have lost them for so much of my life.

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