Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday: September 25, 2015

1.  Pope Francis is here. May his love continue to inspire us and remind us that God, any god or variation you understand, is totally inclusive. There's no shortage of love to go round.

2. I love this blog about the East End of London, but this post made me especially happy. People who are Makers. I really want a week in Spitalfields.

3. I decided, in one of those seasonal bursts of energy, to get a large batch of my layouts printed and into the yearly binder. Ah yes, it tends to happen every time I do this so while I was dismayed, I wasn't shocked to find I have the .psd files for weeks 23-33, I have the small web versions but I did NOT have the large 3600px print size .jpegs for those weeks. Whatever did I do...??? I suspect it was an accidental delete but in any case it's back to PSE and make print versions of those twenty .psd files. Just another bump in the road of progress. (eta-Yes, I did make all new print sized versions, brightened and added clarity to all and got them uploaded to Persnickety Prints. Phew! a lotta work for a foolish delete.)

4. Has anyone seen the new Lands End catalog? It is so Ralph Lauren-ish promising such an ideal lifestyle. So sad because you know it will push some emotional buttons for people who will buy and later have that vague dissatisfaction.

I hope you can read the story here below.  Seriously? Ah, tap into the longing for so many stressed, working mothers. However, I really do like that red coat!

5. While it's getting to be oatmeal time, I've gone from cold cereal with homemade yoghurt to peanut butter toast or sliced apples with peanut butter. Not only does peanut butter stick to the teeth, I feel it sticks to the ribs. Oh yes, it's hot tea time in the a.m. too again.

Have a great weekend and don't believe all the stories you read in your catalogs!

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NancyEllenThompson said...

Thanks, Maurene, for your insights! Love your blog.
Nancy, Snow Hill, MD

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