Monday, September 14, 2015

AAM Monday: Let's Get Going With WITL

Sadly, for me, what I thought were 6x8 page protectors were in fact 6x8 but for 3 images. Bummer. Nonetheless, I proceeded to make the pages as I planned and will deal with the next step - sometime.

Fonts used are Olivier for the day names and Abadi for the text ( journaling and actual dates).

Sunday was an easy day after I did an enormous amount of fiddling with templates, made some of my own, and modified others.

While I didn't journal about the choppers, in Annapolis  one chopper is usually a med-evac but two choppers usually means someone important is arriving, either at the United States Naval Academy or the Maryland State House. For once I heard them in time to take a photo!

A couple of iPhone screen shots including a nice text letting me know that my daughter's courses will still count and she will probably get her A.A. in the winter. She has made great strides in her life and as a friend said, "Where there's life, there's hope."

Monday turned out to be a 3 pager which is fine with me even though it means there may be an odd page out. I'll just have to live with that or do something else. I could have left the last page of photos out but I decided I wanted them. Food is a big part of our lives and just the words are not enough for me on that subject!

Again text below is Olivier  with a stroke outline after simplifying.  I always make sure to make a duplicate of the original  text, then hide it, just in case I want to do something else with it. Now that I'm in the habit of doing that I've never needed it. That's just how life goes I believe...

Two days down, 5 more to go. And then there is the Southwest trip and then...then there is always more to document. That's the good and that's the bad of scrapbooking.

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Photocat said...

Scrapbooking never stops... Love the layouts. Like the choice of fonts. I do like the script one best without outlining, the outlining makes it a bit harder to read I find. Love the picture with you sitting at your computer! Maybe should take one like that here too. Found a huge rattler in the front garden yesterday. Animal control came to pick it up but by the time they got here it had moved on... 1 Year in the States! Where does life go?

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