Friday, September 18, 2015

5 on Friday: September 18, 2015

Random thoughts, sights and bits of  "I didn't know that!"

1. I drove to Ocean City and back yesterday and while the drive TO was filled with bikers on their way to Bike week there was also a bit of Eastern Shore nature I got to witness. The dry corn was being harvested for...???  Not sure what they use the ground stalks for or if the harvester can pull cobs from the stalk or what.  I'm sure no farmer.

But later in the early evening when I was driving home, almost all the fields were harvested, looking a bit empty. Had I made the trip today I would have missed that part of the seasonal work. It was a nice perk to the day.

2. I usually don't get a Facebook look til at least mid morning or the afternoon. Apparently mornings are better as people were delightfully pleasant this a.m.  Maybe the ones who just love to be against something, ANY thing, are still gathering their daily targets in the morning. It made FB really calm & enjoyable.

3. Today I am sending off two DNA samples to The wait will be about 8 weeks but I look forward to the results especially the results for my one granddaughter who should come back 50% Thai. We're wondering if there is any other bit in her mama's background.  I did my sample and my granddaughter did hers. She spits better than I do. I'm not jealous.

4.  During the summer I had quite a few tv shows I watched 'on demand' but they are all finished and new ones haven't started. As much as I like watching movies, it means I need to start them at 7ish rather than the 8ish time I used for watching an hour of a tv show. I was enjoying an hour of reading downstairs with Dick before my tv time but the light is also getting too dim at 7pm and the lamp is too far away.  Decisions, decisions....

5. I found this on Pinterest and don't know if it works as right now I have those plastic/rubber dryer balls that do make a lot of racket.   Maybe one day I'll try this idea or you try it and tell me!

That's it for Friday from me here in Annapolis.  Hope your weekend is full of good things and good weather.

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