Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: A Day in Taos

After the crowds as I drove into Taos, I decided I really didn't want to do much of anything on this day and definitely not 'go shopping in Taos. Even window shopping.  I wasn't very hungry so I just sat outside a lot while the neighbor was on his computer in the kitchen. He was becoming quite an unwelcome presence  However, for one day I could cope.

There were no signs of raccoons and a shut door did not keep 'computer guy' out.  

I did have some computer time at the kitchen table too but finally decided it was better to be in another room and not hear his swearing.

With such a nice day I took myself outside in the afternoon, to sit and read and then listen to my landlady's radio broadcast on astrology. Only in Taos!

Above, you see the outer door of the adobe which had no lock and led into a little vestibule, courtyard area. Below, I lazed out and enjoyed the quiet and the dappled light.

After I sent 'computer guy' home, a finally met my landlady after he radio broadcast. I asked her to tell me what some of her drying herbs were. Others I knew, as I had once worked in a herb shop and had also taken a course through the Smithsonian on healing herbs.

Then in the early evening, I decided to finally take a walk in the fields behind the adobe, and while the landlady had said I could just lay down in them, I am not that much of a nature lover.

Yes, the river is the Rio Grande, one of the many many wanderings it does in New Mexico on it's way south to become truly the rio GRANDE.

These flowers looked familiar to me, mostly because they seemed to be ones that give off a lot of pollen. However, I've not had hay fever for many a year and planned to keep it that way.

Looking along the property edge, I could see the distant distant mountains. I don't know their name but what wonderful views to see all the time. But really Taos is not the place for me. It must have been something back in it's earlier, quieter days, days when drugs did seem to be the answer.

I wondered what this was, took the photo but forgot to ask. It remains something to wonder about.

Monday, September 28, 2015

AAM Monday: Week in the Life Thursday, Friday & Saturday

That means the week is done! I did enjoy this a good bit, making a few of my own templates, using ones I bought from Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske, and keeping it simple. Now I just need to decide how to print it and where. Two pages on a 12x12 or just one on an 8x10... more choices are not always a good thing for my brain.

I'm open to suggestions.

Another 2015 project that I'm quite satisfied with. Now just to get it printed and in an album.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday: September 25, 2015

1.  Pope Francis is here. May his love continue to inspire us and remind us that God, any god or variation you understand, is totally inclusive. There's no shortage of love to go round.

2. I love this blog about the East End of London, but this post made me especially happy. People who are Makers. I really want a week in Spitalfields.

3. I decided, in one of those seasonal bursts of energy, to get a large batch of my layouts printed and into the yearly binder. Ah yes, it tends to happen every time I do this so while I was dismayed, I wasn't shocked to find I have the .psd files for weeks 23-33, I have the small web versions but I did NOT have the large 3600px print size .jpegs for those weeks. Whatever did I do...??? I suspect it was an accidental delete but in any case it's back to PSE and make print versions of those twenty .psd files. Just another bump in the road of progress. (eta-Yes, I did make all new print sized versions, brightened and added clarity to all and got them uploaded to Persnickety Prints. Phew! a lotta work for a foolish delete.)

4. Has anyone seen the new Lands End catalog? It is so Ralph Lauren-ish promising such an ideal lifestyle. So sad because you know it will push some emotional buttons for people who will buy and later have that vague dissatisfaction.

I hope you can read the story here below.  Seriously? Ah, tap into the longing for so many stressed, working mothers. However, I really do like that red coat!

5. While it's getting to be oatmeal time, I've gone from cold cereal with homemade yoghurt to peanut butter toast or sliced apples with peanut butter. Not only does peanut butter stick to the teeth, I feel it sticks to the ribs. Oh yes, it's hot tea time in the a.m. too again.

Have a great weekend and don't believe all the stories you read in your catalogs!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Travel with Me Thursday: Pueblo to Taos

My reason for going north to Pueblo, CO was on the recommendation of a friend. She had seen a chiropractor who also did muscle testing and really really liked him. After being really sick of the way my Annapolis chiropractor jerked my neck, I was ready to try someone else especially for the muscle testing. I knew about this from earlier energy work but had never experienced it.

Waking to sun again was a nice experience and even though it got overcast pretty early it was cool and very pleasant.

I didn't take any photos of my time with the doctor but it was a wonderful experience and he even asked how I felt about neck manipulation. When I said I hated having my neck jerked, he was very gentle but effective.  I wish he were closer! When finished, I did know to drink lots of water to continue getting the toxins out but I had to stop at the original  Taffy's candy and ice cream store.  They really did have it all including candies I recall from years ago as well as candied apples, popcorn of all flavors, you name it. I got a rocky road cone and managed to get a good drip on my tan slacks. That may be a sign of good food!

Then it was time to pack up my room after a short nap and head back south to New Mexico.  I was on my way to Taos where I had my first experience with Air BNB.

But there's always lunch to be eaten and this time I stopped in Walsenburg, CO at a Carl's JR for a bacon cheeseburger. Damn good I must say but no green chile which almost put me in withdrawal. Then it was back on the road and off I-25 eventually to veer west to Taos. I finally saw some animals and took this photo of goats for my friend Catherine. Not sheep but as close as I could get.

I finally got to Taos and eventually found the site of my little adobe. It was a bit of confusion at first with the tenant of the other house on the property sitting in the kitchen to connect to the internet. He was working there while waiting for the net to be installed in his home. I tried to stay in the flow and understood his predicament but he got to be a royal pain. The house was pretty special and I doubt that I'll have a chance to be in another adobe in this lifetime so I was glad to have the experience.

I did not sleep up in this kitchen bed but had I been younger I might have tested it out. At this point my knees said NO and I retired to the main bedroom for another good night's sleep.

With a candle in the kiva and a light down comforter,  I was off in dreamland And in Taos.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: The SW Trip Goes North

After a delicious sleep in Santa Fe, I woke up to a technicolor sky.  I even added to the color as my car is the one on the far right. A wild orange Mustang.

I had a restaurant to hit that served a breakfast buffet, NM style but once again I was turned the wrong way on Cerillos Road. However, I did see a good sign in one parking lot where I did my turn around even if they weren't roasting this early in the day.

I nearly missed the restaurant as there were no cars in the parking lot in the tiny strip mall.  However I was welcomed in, as possibly the first customer of the day.  I passed on the buffet and ordered huevos rancheros with decaf coffee. Coffee that was hot, sweet and milky, a perfect balance to the food. I got my green chile fix too.

I had forgotten to ask for a half portion of beans and potatoes this time but still managed to eat most of it all up! As I ate, more customers came in and the place livened up. Some had the buffet and some had 'steak and eggs'. A couple were definitely on their way to work but me? I just needed a good meal in me before hitting the road north.  If you ever want to try this breakfast spot, look for the Kelly Liquors sign as the Aldana's Restaurant is harder to spot.

After that savory breakfast, I felt the need to try a panderia that had good press. It was just up the road from Aldana's and had people coming and going while I pondered the cases. I opted for an elephant ear pastry which I ate all up so there's no photo, just crumbs.

The sky was overcast most of the day as I drove and drove north on I-25. Not a lot of traffic and all the drivers but me sticking to the 75mph speed limit. I really had to work to go 'that slow' on this seemingly endless drive, much of it straight road.

But oh those clouds!  The sun finally came out as I got closer to lunch time and needed to get out of the car for a bathroom break and some leg stretching. It would be Las Vegas, NM.

Little did I know that I would be seeing pottery like this in Palomas, Mexico.

There was a big plaza/town square with people sitting or sleeping. Residents? homeless? it was hard to say. The big building in the photo above is the Plaza Hotel. I only went in to get a postcard but it looked like an interesting spot to sleep in a bit of history.

After my hearty breakfast, I stuck to a lighter meal of chicken tacos and iced tea. I had a nice chat with the owner about how the weather had changed since his father had come up from Mexico years ago. El Encanto in Las Vegas. I think you'd like it too.

There's my car waiting for me. Orange is easy to spot!

The house above looked a lot like a spooky house other than the weird pinkish color on the trim. The house below must have been something in better days but there was a sign wanting Water for Cattle not Fracking so the residents still have a lot of sense despite the shabby appearance of the house.

Then it was back on the road north. The clouds were still with me as I guess the sun stayed in Las Vegas. Raton 102 miles ahead and I was going past Raton. Sigh...I had to remind myself that this was the Southwest where this kind of distance is normal.

I finally made it to Colorado, again keeping to the speed limit. Orange cars are pretty much open season for the police. I know. I used to have a red Porsche. The wind was brisk and kept the flags stiff in the air and got dust in my eyes.

I enjoyed looking at this app on my phone to tell me the altitude.  A lot of my time was spent at over 5k feet. Quite a change from sea level Annapolis.

Finally in Pueblo, I had a good view south and just beyond those brick buildings on the left is the Arkansas River.  But the better view was this one inside my room.  No more roads that day felt very very good.

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