Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday:Budapest Walk

Our rive cruise ended in Budapest and I found that after seeing so many little towns and cities, that I really didn't have the energy of enthusiasm to really explore Budapest as I'd hoped.  On our prior trip in 2008 the city still had the heaviness of a Soviet Block country. Buildings were drab and dirty and Budapest was no Prague by an means.  On this visit, 4 years later there was a lot of vibrancy in the people, especially the younger ones, many buildings has been sandblasted but there was more schlock present, a 'westernization' of the worst kind. Prices were higher and some were willing to talk about the local corruption that had replaced communism. It was a sad reminder of what could have been... Who knows, countries take time to evolve and where there's life there's hope.

However we did have an afternoon & evening that we enjoyed a lot.  Our first priority was lunch after we had been dropped back at our hotel. We were ready for walking and just looking around before we had an afternoon trip.

No tea for me this time but a nice looking teahouse.

A metro station we remembered from our earlier trip with the original tile work still in place and below some info on getting tickets.

While we didn't take the metro we walked under the Oktogon intersection to cross the street. Nice Christmas lights already up.

Aha! I spotted what I wanted to see. A food market, albeit small, it was a market. I wondered what would be available in winter. Hopefully not just potatoes and onions!

No, there was color in the market. Of course in a land where paprika chiles are a national heritage.

The grandma here had almost sold out which was good for her as she could get on home early.

Plums for homemade brandy as well as cracked and ready walnut. I could imagine Christmas desserts.

Just enough for a pot of soup. I love how the Europeans have long sold this kind of 'just enough' quantities.

No time for this museum but another trip, another year perhaps. Perhaps...

But finally Dick spotted a tiny place to eat. Really small and with a limited 'buffet' but just enough for two people who had eaten more than their share during this cruise.

A bowl of sturdy soup, a pickle & sauerkraut of course and some fried things. I was never really sure what we'd had but it was basic and good and we had time for just a siting down break which is always nice.

Then it was time to get back to our hotel for our afternoon trip out of town. We had a busy schedule on these three extra days.

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Esther Andrews said...

It is hard to understand how the shifts in power in Europe have had such profound impact on the people there. I am just beginning to realise how little I know about European history. How interesting to visit Budapest before and after. I am taking a Mediterranean cruise next April and am anticipating that "eaten more than their share during this cruise" syndrome!

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