Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT: 1968 and He's Flying to London

As I will be away on this little boy's birthday, so I'll put it up now.

In July 1968, he was just about one month shy of a year. He had already been on an airplane flying from Texas to Maryland at 6 weeks. Now he was going with his parents across the pond. He would be there 7 years, with many airplane flights under his belt by 7 and many many more to come.

Dulles airport was quite the place then with a lovely restaurant and note the Saarinen chairs in the Saarinen designed terminal. Flying was so much more comfortable then and it was an 'occasion' rather than the tedious cattle car ordeal we now have.  The next day we would start our life in England and my little Texan would soon be a proper little Brit.

Happy Birthday to my eldest with love from yomama.

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