Thursday, August 13, 2015

TBT: 1931 But Who Were They?

The photo is dated 1931 and it looks like it was taken near my grandparents' home in Hazleton PA. My maternal grandfather was a coal miner and the houses were owned by the mines.  The back of the photo says Metro and Mary Weston in pen and , in pencil and crossed out,  an address and name of an Edward O'Connor in Newark NJ. I can't tell whose handwriting it is but as my father was born in 1920 I'm leaning towards my mother though she would have only been 14. However, the writing does look more like my father's in later years. Perhaps the date was written years later?

What is most strange about the photo is that is had been damaged by someone putting a lot of pin holes in it. I do have one child who is prone to defacing photos but I have no clue of who did it or why or who this couple really is. However, there is Google.

It turns our that Metro was a star basketball player at Hazleton HS, the same school my parents attended and where my father was also a basketball player.  I also found this article but unfortunately, most of the Hazleton articles, including the obituary for Metro are by subscription only, not something I really want to pay for.

Some day I may take the time to Google more and see what I can find. But one question will remain. Who poked all the holes in the photo and why>

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