Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday: August 7, 2015

1. I make calendars to fit in the white Ikea frames every month and with two other images, I have a narrow wall in the kitchen 'decorated'. This is the August 2015 calendar. Some man should be providing a year's worth of Alaskan halibut if things go well!

fish cluster - StudioDD_SummerFunClustersNo1 

2. Last Sunday saw two series finales - "Last Tango in Halifax" and "Poldark". The former has been one of my favorites especially as the socially divided Yorkshire takes me back.  The latter is a true period drama set in Cornwall, in the post US Revolutionary war years.

From the way LTIH ended, I thought that might be the final series but I read that filming for a 4th season is on the books.  "Poldark" is also scheduled for another go so come maybe January 2016, these two will be back after, of course, the very last season for "Downton Abbey". Life from across the pond.

3. I don't eat mayo because I made a pig of myself as a child and ate a whole jar... nuff said. I saw this item online and thought that's a sandwich for me! "No Mayo" Tuna Salad white albacore tuna, minced bermuda onions and celery, combined with a light lemon oregano vinaigrette. served on organic kalamata olive bread." Served at 40Carats the cafe inside NYC's Bloomingdales. 

4. If you like to travel, you'll like this blogpost about seeing the obvious with new eyes.

5. How easy and how good are these!  No guilt sweets I plan to make with my homemade yoghurt and fresh peaches.  To quote Ina, "How good is that!" 

click image for recipe

That's it folks.  Have a great weekend wherever you are and be sure to do something fun AND take a photo!

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