Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday: August 14, 2015

1. Are these cute or what? I got myself a new phone case. Can you guess which  pattern is ME???

2.A bit of a week to myself while dh was in CA for family events. He also met with my son for a dinner at the Fairmont Hotel Newport Beach. Chef Iain had to work ( :( ) but he fed Dick very well as always.

3. I caught up on some Project Life and some tv. Finally watching season  of "House of Cards". Damn it's a dark series. I'd forgotten how dark. I almost feel as if I should watch it in the daytime rather than just before bed. Such good evil...

4. Most all my trip to the SW is set and I just now have to think of what I'm going to take re clothes etc. It's also always a decision...MacBookPro or iPad. Usually the MBP wins out.

5. A shocker to me was the size of the Costco pork chops I took out of the freezer. I'm not wild about stuffed pork chops but these babies are definitely the thickness of two good sized chops.  I also have about 8 of them!

Hope your weekend will be enjoyable and fun. Make it that way!

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Photocat said...

It's still very hot here Maureen.99 today... Went into the desert till late at night, finally had a go at Milky Way shooting, and we did not need a sweater at all. I am looking forward to your visit! If you rather not bring your laptop but just your ipad do so, as I have a laptop you can use (MBP) and I have a desktop mac that you can use. But it's up to you. We do have wifi all over the house so you can get on the internet if you want. Have a great weekend!

O, I think the case with the teal is you, so is the one with the pretzels... Maybe the pretzels first... I do like the teal one very much!

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