Monday, August 17, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Update

This afternoon, I will actually be doing week 33 which just ended but this week I am still thinking of doing a modified Week in the Life for week 34. Hey, a week is a week, right?

Back to the prior weeks, 31 and 32. It really starts to hit me around this time that the year is on the downward slope. My son and family take their August vacation at the beach though I only had to do one night of dogsitting. There are college 'men' for that job now. I've already walked into a cobweb or two outside (horrible horrible...) but have yet to see that distinctive change of light. I hope I notice it to record this year. I'm still making sun tea though it takes a bit longer.

Summer is still summer but I'm ready for it to end. I don't like being hot and I'm kind of tired of white t-shirts.  But for the most part we've had a relatively mild summer. Sadly, the lack of ripe tomatoes or any tomatoes is the result. I can't have it both ways but I always hope I can!

But the days have been nicely lazy and I feel like I've enjoyed summer more than usual. I'm still a cold weather woman or at least fall but I'm enjoying the rest of the seasons more and more as I age. I guess that's wisdom.

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bbland said...

I agree. It is nice to see the signs of Fall. My summer was full of unexpected situations, and I am just very grateful that I was able to be available and of some help to some that needed it.

We also lacked any nice tomatoes and even those that I got at Farmers Market were not up to par. However, I did get one excellent one in Richmond VA at Thompsons (?). It was excellent and salved the soul.

September brings a trip to Rome Italy and a chance to meet and visit with my new Great Daughter. It will be exciting. However, I do dread the flight. Waited to long to decide to treet myself to first class (at least one way). Price went from 3,000 (which I could have justified, since I didn't have hotel expense) to $7,000 which there was NO WAY I could justify. So it is back to STEERAGE for Grandma.

Getting a head start on the Fall cleaning, and knocking the garden down. Even made a pork roast over the weekend for guests. Now to celebrate Labor Day with the traditional pot of bean soup.

I vowed after last winter and -25 degree temps to NOT complain about heat. I didn't really.. However, you folks can sure have your East Coast VA, DC, MD. humidity :-(.

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