Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Hello Budapest!

Our cruise actually was ending in Budapest but we took the extra day package as we had enjoyed our time in the city a lot back in 2008 and were interested in seeing the changes. Our morning was spent cruising the Danube with overcast weather. Pure November.

From breakfast on, there was commentary from our guides in the lounge. It was a slow and dreamy morning and in some ways it felt like going back in time. Vienna is pure 21st century but Hungary?? It still struggles. Blocks of flats along the river looked as if they harkened back to the Soviet era but we couldn't be sure. I wondered if waterfront was now commanding high prices as it does in so many places.

Towns were starting to appear and this was the sign that Budapest would soon be visible. Yes, there was the majestic Hungarian Parliament building as noon approached.

A still day for classic reflection images. Below is Buda, the oldest and original part of the city with its steep hills, Castle and Cathedral.

And on the opposite bank of the Danube, is the more modern Pest.

While docked, we had our lunch on board. I was really in the mood for something simple AND french fries.

After lunch, we went  for a tour of the city (I didn't take any photos of some reason.) and got back in time for dinner.  Yes, cruises mean food! 

Dried beef with a lentil salad. Yummy!

A light beef soup with 'Kraughterschoberl".  Surprisingly,  for once, we both had the same entree - river trout.

Our final dinner desserts aboard ms DiscoveryII were ice cream with pumpkin brittle for me and "Dobos Torta" for him.

 AND a birthday cake for one of our friends! as well as farewell to a chef who really catered to our every wish. A sweet ending to be sure. However there was still a bit of work to do...

We had to pack most of our things to be ready to put our suitcases out for the 8am transfer to our Budapest hotel. Finally,it was time to say goodnight to a sparkling Budapest.

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