Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Budapest, We Leave the Boat

Day 2 in Budapest started early with our suitcases outside out door at 07:45. Naturally, we ate breakfast and then said Goodbye to the Vantage boat.  These days in Budapest were an optional addition to the trip so 'our group' was much smaller now.

Off the boat and up the ramp to a waiting bus which would take us on to a full morning's worth of sightseeing.

The morning drive through the city had me looking at the buildings and trying to remember how the city looked when we visited in 2008. Some looked the same, just cleaner, while others looked more recent.

No time for the Central Market but then again we had no cooking ability either. But I remembered how much good was available on our last visit.

We were told that some beautiful buildings were being converted into high priced apartments. Some were sold and others were still for sale. Not all the full shutters were open this morning.

The late autumn morning was still overcast but sun was promised.

Our first stop of the day was to be the Hungarian State Opera House.  We had been to the Opera here before but naturally the man of the house wanted to know it all!

Next will be the inside and more!

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