Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Auf Wiedershen Vienna

A good day in Vienna was drawing to a close. He had his tour of the Opera House, something I was not interested in. I had seen a performance there on a previous trip and that was enough for me. But I was glad he had a chance to do this as he's the opera buff.

The images tempting him outside of the Stage Door office where you buy your tickets. There is also a little bookstore there and it was where I dropped him off and was scheduled to meet him after his tour.

You buy your ticket and then you give it to your ticket taker. That employs another person!

There is nothing quite like these massive doors to be seen in many parts of Europe. I always find them fascinating and love the feel as you pull them open, that is if you can!

Inside images that are not terribly clear but give you a good feel for the opera house.

Outside, I enjoyed seeing the people out and about. There is definitely a cosmopolitan feel to the city, much like New York or Milan. Women dress very well.

 He had no interest in the performance that night...fortunately.

Once again, it was tempting but knowing how much food was ahead of us on the boat, I passed on even a coffee in the Cafe.

Nor did I stop in here, but it did look tempting for yet another schnitzel. 

Back to the Albertina area to wait for our 16.10 bus, the last bus back to the boat. This stop was becoming rather familiar to us.

Our last evening in Vienna included a concert at the Kursalon. Departure was at 17:15.! So it was a quick freshen up as soon as we were on board.

Lovely site and beautiful music but as always, concerts and recitals involve more formal seating that most of us are used to. Fortunately, I'd been on my feet for a lot of the day and sitting seemed good no matter what the chair.

Beef the way I liked it was one of the dinner choices and by now the chef knew I mean rare when I said rare! As on many cruises, the kitchen staff does the March of the Baked Alaskas as their grand finale.

Our table mates that evening included guests from Delaware, so we were practically neighbors.

So it was goodbye Vienna and the next day we would arrive in Budapest. Auf Wiedershen!

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