Thursday, July 9, 2015

TBT: A Long Ago Wedding

This is a wedding in the late 1930s I suspect. My mother had many photos like this but this is the only one that has a family member in it. My  Uncle Joe is the man 2nd from right in the back row who was killed in WWII in 1945. I also find it poignant that  this photo shows a wedding party that had a lot more money than my mother's family did. While it was wartime in 1942, both my mother and my uncle both had ceremonies that did not include anyone other than immediate family and both brides wore suits not wedding gowns. I often wonder if the brides would have been able to have this kind of wedding had it not been wartime. Nonetheless, I know this played a big part in my own mother's enjoyment of planning my wedding, a task I was glad to share with her.

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