Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday: July 10, 2015

Ah  this summer is just moving along despite a LOT of rain.  We all wish we could send even a portion to California but that's not how it works.

1. If every time you move, you find the same people, well...What does that tell you???

2. I haven't been watching almost any movies, Redbox or Netflix but I have started a few new tv shows that give me about 1 show a night 'on demand' during the week. An hour a day is enough tv for me. "The Crimson Tide", another season of "Last Tango in Halifax", "Humans" and slowly watching "Poldark" as well.

3. We had planned to take Granddaughter#1 out to dinner for her 16th, just her after a visit to family on her actual birthday. She likes Italian and so he selected a restaurant in Alexandria. However, this week of rain had an absolute deluge as we were on the beltway and Alexandria was already getting flooded. Change of plans to a nearby restaurant and fortunately we didn't look like drowned rats going in. 

4. It looks like my plans for dog sitting next month are scuttled. I've done this for quite a few years as my son and family head to the beach. This year Grandson#1 will be home working and not going. Sigh...I'm no longer needed. That's a mixed blessing. 

5. Yesterday, his air conditioner started spitting ice cubes again. We've put off doing a whole batch of Mitsubishi wall units for a while and so off to Best Buy he went for a much bigger one. Lucky for him, there is construction across the street so he was able to get a few of the men to carry it up to the attic and install it for him. Pretty much all done in a little over an hour from the time he left to drive to Best Buy. Would that all things went so smoothly. 

And me? I'm off on a retreat down in Southern Md. Thanksgiving in July meaning we women get a reminder about how to be grateful for what is as it is.

See you all next week!

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