Monday, July 20, 2015

AAM Monday Westward Bound

Not now but just me on a trip I've wanted to do since before my knee was replaced. Yay! It's in the works! The layout was for a challenge which was a nice thing to do, inside, in the air conditioning yesterday when it was so hot and humid that we never ventured outside. We're neither mad dogs nor Englishmen!

Yes, I do know I'm going where it is SERIOUSLY hot but it's dry. I can mostly take that as long as I remember not to touch metal and be sure to get myself a windshield guard. Plus...drink lots and lots of water.

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Photocat said...

Cool... yes dry, never knew what it was before I actually came to Las Cruces, but I tell ya it's a lot better then humid heat. You are so welcome... Don't know how long we have been friends, a couple of years at least, so it is time to meet. I love meeting up with online friends. They are usually the same as online, not different in real life then in the writing/blogging life. Looking forward to it!

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