Monday, July 27, 2015

AAM Monday Project Life Weeks 27 and 28

I hope to keep going with this and maybe even do a bit more 'pure' PL in the weeks of August. Then with my vacation out west, I'll feel a bit more freedom to do those weeks in a different way. I like that about trips...they are different so they can get scrapped in a more artistic way if I want. Or not... no rules!

Not a whole lot going on during the week of July 4th. Going out to watch fireworks is no longer a thing we like doing very much. Heat, humidity, bugs, crowds. Yep, we're old!

Then came a quiet birthday week for #1 granddaughter. It was also a week of drenching rains, deluges! and yes, affagato is misspelled. It WILL be corrected! At least I saw it before himself tells me once it's printed.

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